12th Grade Spelling Bee Vocabulary Words

Whether you are preparing for an SAT, ACT, or an actual spelling bee, you’ll need to have some good high-level vocabulary. You may also want to refer to some hard words if you’re looking to generally enhance your vocabulary. Whatever the reason may be, you’re exactly in the right place.

Following is a list of 100+ hard spelling bee words suitable for seniors in high school to enhance their vocabulary and take it to a new level for the upcoming competition. 

Spelling Words for Twelfth Grade Students

clientele illustrious cognizant circumspect
nefarious necessitate auspicious avow
maul homonym diabolical resplendent
obituary negotiate doctrine reprove
prosperity frugal euphemism emulate
extenuating narcotic eulogy longevity
momentum adversary exonerate lobbyist
anachronistic aesthetic incongruous digression
mystical celestial ephemeral sequester
prosperity certitude insurmountable hackneyed
clairvoyant contemptuous Machiavellian trite
hedonist accolade lassitude trifling
obnoxious bonafide loquacious surreptitious
fortuitous amicable poignancy stagnant
prudent anecdote ostentatious voyeuristic
querulous innumerable quagmire shrewd
procrastinate inconsequential modus operandi synecdoche
substantiate delirious punitive raconteur
mundane demagogue nonchalant pugnacious
tenacious condescending parsimony maladroit
benevolent superficial exasperation unerring
camaraderie subtle exemplary stupefy
compromise orature though-provoking jubilation
conformist disdain ultimate intuitive
asylum censure unkempt spendthrift
assiduous arid transcribe reconciliation
intrepid rouse grissini reclusive
congregation deleterious frondescence vociferous
jargon vindicate boudoir spiteful
lateral divergent ptomaine wend
panorama zealot mitochondria vitality
oblivion wary bireme subside
ordinance tirade ankh ultimatum
patron pulverize antediluvian tier
phenomenal quell zloty tart
vex vulgar raillery adversity
venerate tenacity eleemosynary adulation
somber tentative bourgeoisie  beaucoup 
whet stereotype consanguineous nenuphar
silhouette steadfast antipyretic narcissistic
simultaneous whinging amoretto vile
rogue spoonerism psalmody  serendipity
stolid sanctimonious zabaglione solitude
revoke revere zinciferous acquiescence
skirmish risqué coulomb faience
prophylactic prose couturier jodhpurs
usurp vernacular novice parched
miasma vitriolic pulchritude oriflamme
lavaliere virtuoso reorganize sagacity 
circuitous  sear reputable impute
sluggish rostrum cholangitis banausic
rueful abstinence dentifrice remittance
infinitesimal anonymous exasperation rift
einkorn spurious restrained precocious
discredit sporadic resilient enhance
convergence qualm squander rudementary
empathy slothful stability tedious

You can download the following image to quickly revise the hard to spell words for 12th graders.

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