4 Syllable Words List for Kids in English

To understand the emphasis of words, we must understand the letters of the words. Words have one or more syllables. A syllable is a unit of pronunciation. It consists of one or more vowel sounds and one or more consonant sounds. Note that (with the exception of a few exceptions) all syllables contain at least one vowel (a, e, i, o or u) or a vowel sound. All words are made up of groups of letters. Each word has groups of one, two, three or more.

Every word is made from syllables. Each word has one, two, three or more syllables.

Examples of Four Syllable Words

Following is a list of 4 syllable words and adjectives for kindergarten.


It is quite understandable that, depending on the age and complexity of your child, some of the words in the 4-word list will be difficult to define because they will not have his or her vocabulary, as in the case of two or three syllable words where a child faced at times problem to understand.

You can deal with this by first checking out the book you are reading with your child and then selecting from five to ten words that you think he or she may struggle with or be able to cope up. Indicate how they should be chunked by going to Main Rule and Three Exceptions and just write them in longhand, mimicking the format of the worksheet. Then ask your child to familiarize themselves with the words instead of on the worksheet. This will give you an idea of ??how to connect before teaching your child.

Stress on Four Syllable Words

Four syllable words usually have their stress on the first, second or third syllables but not on the last syllable. Following are some rules to identify the stress in a four syllabic word.

  1. 4 syllable words that end in ‘sm’ and ‘or’ like INterior, TRIbalism, INcubator etc. have their stress on the first syllable.
  2. When Four-syllabic words end in ‘ny’ and ‘my’ they have their stress on the second syllable. for example: maTRImony, aNAtomy.
  3. 4 syllable words that ends in ‘ate’, ‘er’, ‘ty’ ‘phy’ ‘gy’ and ‘ent’ have their stress on the second syllable. Examples: psyCHOlogy, matriculate.
  4. 4 syllable words that end in ‘ion’, ‘ic’, ‘ian’, ‘ous’, ‘ial’ have their stress on the third syllable. Examples: teleVIsion, poliTIcian, presiDENtial.

Keep exploring EnglishBix to learn different types of syllables and words associate with it.

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