8 Idioms for Business Communication and Writing

Today we have to look at some useful idioms which are used in common business communication and writing.

Being in the corporate world, you are surrounded by people from your genre. Sometimes while having a conversation, you might overhear the words such as cut corners to finish a analysis report. Sometimes you come across words that would describe a clingy customer – running around the circle.

Use of Idioms and Phrases in Professional Workplace

These words, phrases, idioms are quite common in the workplace and are used most of the time. While looking at the people having so profound conversation, you might feel out of place.

It would be really amazing to know that various idioms that are used in the business world on daily routine are very simple and easily understandable.

With this post, you would feel confident about using idioms while having a conversation with your bosses or colleagues. You would be able to use them in your official documents by using different idiom every time. It will make your writing very different from others and also help you stand out.

With EnglishBix, we will help you to participate in such business conversation where you could use the typical business words, idioms, and phrases just like experts.

Here are some business idioms along with their proper meaning that you can start learning:

1. Get Down To Business:

By this idiom, we usually mean that it is time to start taking things seriously and concentrating on actual work.

2. Right From Day One:

With this idiom, we wish to convey “the very beginning” phase or initial phase. It means to talk about something that is true from the very first day of any work or project.

3. Learning The Ropes:

This idiom can be used in a situation where a new coworker or a fresher need to learn the nitty-gritty of the assignments, all the basics of the work.

4. Bring It To The Table:

This is quite a common idiom that most of the people use. Bringing something to the table usually refers to the benefits such as skills, experiences, job activity or business activity.

5. What is your learning curve:

By learning curve, we describe the development of an employee to make him learn new skills or gain experience. If some have a steep learning curve then it indicates he might have to deal with difficult tasks or have to put in more efforts.

6. Get Off The Ground:

In the business world, while everyone is just discussing new and innovative ideas but not working to implement it, then this idiom can be used. It means that starting any new job or task after doing much discussion or planning.

7. Working On A Shoestring:

By this idiom, we usually mean that the person is on a very tight budget or does not have enough money.

8. The Eleventh Hour:

By this idiom, we can say that if any task or assignment is done at the last minute.

Before moving ahead to different idioms, you need to learn how to master those Business Idioms. Here are some tips that would help you in doing so.

1. Listen And Take Notes The Business Phrases

You might be hearing a lot of business words, phrases and idioms throughout the day. Now, once you register it in your mind, you would need to jot them down. You can repeat it once or twice in a day so that you do not forget it easily. This tip can be applied to improving your vocabulary as well. You must be careful about the words that you use as it can have a similar meaning. For instance, the field of sales has a set of vocab that is completely different from finance.

2. You Must Always Have Target

By setting up different targets for yourself you can make the process of learning very effective. You can have different levels of the target in which you can set small as well as large targets. You can start by learning 4 idioms or phrases every week.

3. Participate In Workplace Conversation

You can indulge yourself in work discussion and small talks which has two benefits. First of all, you need to listen carefully and try to learn new phrases. Secondly, keep practicing those till you have good command on all the idioms that you learn.


Just remember, these are some of the idioms that are commonly used in the business world. If you some more, that you wish others to know then you can use our comment section below to post them. We at EnglishBix would be happy to know about it. With our blogs, we are trying to help people learn English without getting nervous. So, stay tuned to get more updated from our website.

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