25+ Adjectives Words to Describe Shape of Objects

Today we are going to look at commonly used 21 Adjective words to describe different shapes of objects. Using this list you would be able to express and compare various objects based on their shapes and structure.

27 Adjectives For Shape

  1. Straight
  2. Wide
  3. Skinny
  4. Square
  5. Steep
  6. Narrow
  7. Round
  8. Shallow
  9. High
  10. Hollow
  11. Low
  12. Curved
  13. Deep
  14. Flat
  15. Aerodynamic
  16. Broad
  17. Chubby
  18. Crooked.
  19. Triangular
  20. Oval
  21. Circular
  22. Cylindrical
  23. Angular
  24. Two-Dimensional
  25. Three-Dimensional
  26. Tapered
  27. Globular

How to use these words in sentences & while you speak:

For Example : “It is a two-dimensional figure”, “This Valley is very deep”, “I like this Straight statue”.

Don’t worry If you aren’t able to remember all the shape words, You can use this list as a reference till the time you master these shape and structure adjectives and get used to speaking and writing them in sentences.

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