Advantages of Learning English in Professional Life

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”. Our life revolves around how we communicate with each other for various acts everyday. In fact, there are several ways in which one can express their thoughts and emotions. To be precise, language is the biggest boon also a weapon for our mankind.

If you are one of those people who would be wondering whether English would be good enough of them or not? If putting time in studying English would be good for you?

You are involved in some or the other language and its will serve you well until now. But people love to travel, they wish to study abroad, work in different countries with international base. In all scenarios it would be very important that your have command on a common language such as English. Sometimes it becomes helpful in knowing the cultures and might be interested in making friends from different countries. It will sound really good to you and it will be English speaking.

You wont be glad to know it is very official that 55 countries and it is widely spoken in more than 100 countries. So now we know that it is important to learn english, but there are some more points which help you to know the importance of English language.

Following is a list of reasons why you should learn English as a language:

1. An International language with Over 1.3 Billion Speakers

Right from traditional print and materials to internet along with international relations and negotiating skills. It is one of the essential things for the academics, it is the language of the aeronautical and maritime communication. It is considered as the official international language. If you are learning English for any sort of diploma or having a career goal. You need not worry about how to become fluent in English. Just after developing with a solid base, you can accelerate your work with continuous progress. You can improve your writing skills and gain greater speaking confidence. It will help you to reconsider the living and studying in an English-speaking country and it will make your progress a bit fast.

English may not be the most widely spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 55 countries and is spoken by about 400 million people worldwide. Being able to speak English is not only the ability to communicate with native English speakers, it is the second most common language in the world.

2. Domination at International Level of Art, Culture and Entertainment:

It is here that the area where you would get a number of English leads. You will have to look at the command of the English language and it will make your ability to evolve completely, provide flexible learning approach. In case you are concerned about the entertainment and how English language is profiting there then you can easily check the revenue of Netflix and hollywood movies. It will give you a better idea of all the hollywood movie scenario.

Many movies, books and much music around the world are published and produced in English. Therefore, by learning English you will be able to find a great deal of entertainment and you will be able to understand a great deal of culture.

3. Impact On The Business World:

We are well aware of the fact that English language is one of the major tools of the banking and business world. It is the part and parcel of large cap companies like Honda, Sodexo, Yokohama  and siemens. Other developing countries are also taking steps to bring in global deals which needs to be concluded on the basis of English language. It is the basic science that will make English go-to language when it would be coining terms and other publishing theories. It will be used for higher education as well.

English is a common business language and it has almost become necessary for people to speak English if they are going to work all over the world. Research from around the world shows that cross-border business communications are usually done in English and that many companies around the world expect employees to master English.

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4. The Future Of The World – English Dominating:

Even now, you could observe that people are speaking English, which is more than a quarter of the world population. More and more people are getting actively involved in learning it. It has been estimated by a most of the reporters and analysts that English would be one of the dominant languages in the world.

5. English Required For Global Level Communication:

It does not matter whether your aim id to travel or study abroad or learning about new cultures. Irrespective of all this, English will have a level which would convey a message if you are looking forward to socialize with the native speakers or trying hard to become an entrepreneur. English will also help you to work on international basis. If you are building strong English skills then it will help you in achieving all your goals. As the language is spreading it will be gaining a lot of significance and gather more and more speakers all around the world. English then will no longer be a native language.

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6. English as a Universal Language for All Countries

There are plethora of languages for each continent, region, and religion throughout the world. As a matter of fact, it’s a tedious job for a human to learn all the languages, so a common articulation would do the thing. One of the most and an eminent language spoken globally is the ENGLISH language.

Majorly among-st all the countries, English will be introduced and taught to students from the preliminary age itself, alongside their mother tongue. This is done so that students will get enough exposure as well as know the importance of a unified language.

7. English For a Boosting Career Growth

English being the most prominent tool for people around, has made many things easier and better. The first reason is the CAREER. The business world seeks a person who not only tests an individual technical talent, but also the prominence and proficiency of their language. It is when, they can project their ideologies in a more effective manner. To elaborate, consider the cricketers around the world. The respective captains will have to face the press meets and must communicate in English. This plays a vital role because their vision and objectives can be clearly delivered, boosting up their confidence. Secondly, the country relationships and their functioning can be discussed using English as the window.

8. Learning English gives you Access to more of the Internet

Learning English is important as it gives you access to more than half of online content. Being able to learn English will allow you to access billions of pages of information that may not otherwise be available.

Not only this, English facilitates a way to understand the political, social, cultural and other issues gaining more knowledge in every field of subjects they come across. So it enables individuals to establish a direct connection with the ongoing developments at a rapid pace round the globe. To illustrate, tourists are the best example. Wherever they go, English language can be used as a common unified interface, besides the local language.

You might be knowing numerous reasons behind learning English and why is it important for a career. With English, you get an opportunity to work in Multinational Companies and travel abroad to carry out the overseas projects. By and far you have the potential to change the entire future by getting hands on various opportunities that were not available before.

You might have observed that many countries around the world give preference to English. Moreover, it is also nominated as the language that is used by many industries worldwide. Hence learning English becomes essential.

Let’s get to know how learning English can boost your career prospects and professional life.

9. Multiple Job Opportunities In MNC

By speaking only native languages your job opportunities get limited. But when you have command on the English, which is an international language, you can get opportunities from other states as well as countries. This will indirectly increase the number of job opportunities in a dramatic way. It would be very helpful in the case when the job prospect becomes challenging in your home country. Moreover, it will be very nice if you are interested in getting a job offer in other countries.

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10. International Companies need English speakers

When companies have overseas projects, they need employees who can speak English fluently. This will indirectly broaden your search within your home country as well. You can frequently set up additional workplaces in multiple cities and state. Everyone must have that command on the language based on the nature of the work and also the target market.

If ever you work in an International company, possessing fluent English skills will benefit you a lot. You would have enough opportunities for you to travel around the world and live in different countries for the project work of the respective companies. Fluent English is very important in industries like retail, sales, administration, marketing, transportation, tourism, banking, law, and many others.

11. Improving the Probability of Getting Hired

When you a grip on 2 to 3 languages, you have the advantage of other candidates who are equally skilled but speaks or understands only one language. It shows that you have put in efforts and challenged yourself to learn various different languages. You are dedicated toward self-improvement – a valued asset for any employee.

When you are applying for your dream job or promotion then, being proficient in English will help stand out from the crowd. It will add a positive point to your resume. It will also enhance your personal and professional life.

12. Incredible Growth Opportunities Within Your Own Company

Employees who speak English can be presented with many other opportunities and makes them eligible for the promotion.  Your company might need employees to travel to an English-speaking country and interact with their clients. These clients might be the one who prefers to interact with English-speaking employees. When you step up in your career growth then you must thank your English Speaking skills for it.

Having a grip on a foreign language would show your employers the dedication to show towards your work and study, It will help you bring out your inner qualities as a hardworking person. Employers are always searching for these type of qualities.

13. Connect with Colleagues

By any chance you are hired and working in a Multi-National Company, then the possibility of English speaking colleagues will increase. This will be the best way to connect to your colleagues and discuss the future plans and your growth prospects in the company. Your confidence in English will help you to communicate with your colleagues during lunch breaks coffee breaks and build friends.

14.  Grow Your Brain with English

It has been reported by many studies that people who can speak more than one languages can think and work differently. Multi-lingual differs from individuals who speak only one language.

15.  Increased Chances of Making more Money

It is a definite fact that the person who speaks English has better growth opportunities and will grab those opportunities to make money.

The most important thing that we forget about English is that it provides immense confidence. When you have command on English or any other globally popular language, then you can easily connect and converse with a larger community of people. By this you will be able to generate a network of people from diverse backgrounds and with this, you can get different ways of thinking. Moreover, being multi-lingual makes you a sharp person and also you will find growth in your workplace. This basic skill will also help in the company’s hiring process.

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16. Public Speaking in Front of Colleagues or Boss

It is a common observation that many people become very anxious when it comes to public speaking, giving out the opinion in front of your colleagues or boss, taking charge of the presentation, etc.

How will you be able to bring that confidence in your abilities? The answer to all your question in – English. Working on your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and everything else. You can put your ideas and opinions in front of others when you have a great command of your language – English. With confidence, you can know the value you provide to the company. Learning English will serve as a motivator to boost your confidence.

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17. Professional Development for More Opportunities

Directly or Indirectly, confidence will also help you at your workplace. If you have confidence in your work and abilities then you would definitely see through it. It will increase the scope of your learning opportunities and professional development. Not only your boss but your clients will also have trust in you.

You can always borrow books from the office library to read it in your leisure time. If not, you can easily find several PDF online and download them. By doing this you can know about new words and phrases which can be used in the official documentation.

18. Read It Aloud – Beneficial In Presentation

You can improve your English Speaking skills by reading any small excerpts by standing in front of the mirror. When you will face the mirror, you will boost your confidence and won’t be nervous while presenting the office crowd next time.

19. Work on Solving Problems in Groups

When you understand other problems, it will make you confident as you would put forward your solutions and helping your colleagues overcome their problems. When you discuss something with other people you can improve your English speaking skills and also help others to improve theirs.

Professional English Courses

With professional English, you will be able to boost your existing skills or you can build them completely from scratch. It is one of the most effective ways to master your English in a working environment.


So at the end of the day, English language is the daily essential tool for everyone. Our growth in a particular field of interest will be dependent on how we showcase ourselves. So our skillfulness in English will correspondingly place us in the spotlight.

We hope that this article by EnglishBix will provide you extra incentives. It is by learning English along with your other subjects that you will be able to improve your career prospects. If you feel like adding some more points, please do share with us in the comment section.

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