AP Family Sound Words List with Pictures

Word families are groups of words that have a common feature or pattern. They have some of the same combinations of letters in them and a similar sound. They are an essential part of phonics building exercise for a kindergarten kid.

Parents can create nice printable AP words list flashcards for learning and memorizing. Homeschooling families and teachers should use the set to introduce students to AP sound words.

You can help your children build word understanding by introducing them to various word sounds used in initial phonics development. To help you get started, We will discuss the words ending with the word family AP. For example : cap, clap, scrap, and snap are a family of words with the ap sound with same letter combination.

List of AP Family Sound Words for kids

  • clap
  • cap
  • flap
  • gap
  • lap
  • map
  • nap
  • rap
  • sap
  • scrap
  • slap
  • snap
  • strap
  • tap
  • trap
  • wrap
  • yap
  • zap

Notice the AP Words List mostly consists of 3-letter CVC words like rap, nap, lap, gap etc. where Letter ‘a’ is used a vowel between two different consonant Letters.

Hands-on activities are good resources to keep your child engaged in learning different word family words. Keep exploring EnglishBix to find learning resources for your kids.

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