Attributive Adjective Guide with List of Examples

We all love to use adjectives in English. Have you ever thought about why? We have always tried to describe each and everything or person with some adjectives. It is done in order to express what we think. It describes and explains the way we have developed a perspective towards something. We would be helping to understand the concept with various examples.

Through our blogs, we have been learning that adjectives are words that modify the noun. In this session, we would be discussing the attributes adjectives that come before the noun. If you see that they would be ascribing some of the certain characteristics of a noun that would be preceding it. For instance, you can check some of the examples, ‘She admired the beautiful sky which has turned red in the evening”. The word or you can say as the adjective ‘beautiful’ is used to describe the sky. It is called the attribute adjective and it is used before the noun. So you would see that the complete sentence makes sense.

Attribute Adjective: Definition and Functions

Now we would be taking a closer look at the entire thing and understanding how to use it.

What Would Be The Function Of Attribute Adjective’s Function?, The Attribute adjective will include all the words that are used to describe the appearance, color, shape, size, age, origin and much more. So for instance,

        This would be an easy English Saddle.

        He is considered as a talented programmer.

So now you are quite familiar with the sentence formation by attribute adjective and how it is used to describe the nouns. Although you would be coming across so many different types of adjectives. Some of these would be positioned before and after the noun.

      a tropical fish

      a leafless tree

      a tight dress

      a well-stocked shop

      an expensive hotel


List of Examples of Attributive Adjectives

As you can see, attributive adjectives are generally more straightforward than their counterparts, predicate adjectives. Let’s enjoy a dozen sample sentences.

      This is the greenest land I’ve ever seen.

      It was a captivating, enticing, and most peculiar novel.

      The soaring eagle sped gracefully across the misty sky.

      The rose-colored petals waved softly to the floor.

      Is that an English rose?

      Come, sit by the crackling fire; he spins a marvelous tale.

      The scented candles flickered in the night.

      What a grim, nasty, ineloquent divorce.

      My aching back won’t give me a rest.

      The soft pillows lulled me straight into a deep sleep.

      Her porcelain skin was constantly remarked upon.

      The dog’s bushy tail wagged all the way home.

      Not everyone knows a giraffe has a long neck.

      My second-hand car is the noisiest in the neighborhood.

      Will we have starry sky tonight?

      He was found with a fractured skull.

      We followed a narrow winding path through the forest.


Now, we have come to the end of the session, you would be getting familiar with the definition of the attribute adjective and its application. Just like you can see some of the other members of this adjective family. The adjective can be overused and it would be best to be cautious about using them. You can have a really long list of attribute adjectives. So you can remove several different words that would be helping you to describe another word in a sentence. With this said, the nouns in the sentence and the adjectives you would love to adorn. Moreover, it would be easier to remember all the instances where you could make use of attribute adjectives. It will also help you in drafting a good content. For more updates, you can get to our blog comment section. Stay tuned to EnglishBix.




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