ck Sound Phonics Words for Kids

let’s understand ‘ck’ sound phonics:

This generalization states that when you hear the /k/ sound at the end of a word AND the /k/ immediately follows a short vowel sound, it is spelled ck. If it is preceded by a long vowel or consonant, it is spelled with a k.

The following spellings are often taught in K / CK spelling. This is an amazing utility that helps with spelling that allows students to spell many words using common spelling. This generalization applies to the END of words and can only be relied upon for single-letter words. This is done when you hear the sound / k / at the end of a word AND / k / immediately follows the short vowel sound, labeled ck. When preceded by a long or consonant vowel, it is written in k.

There are a few word categories where this action doesn’t really work. There are many words where ck is used in the middle of a word like chicken or ticket. Also, the performance of k / ck applies to certain parts of the compound word as a backpack.

CK Sound Words List for Kids

Let us work on ‘ck’phonics words below:


Let us now play with the words by filling the empty spaces:

  1. I am going _________ home
  2. We need to _______ our clothes for holidaying
  3. Let us eat a small _________ at 11am
  4. The ship’s __________ is made of wood
  5. I have a pain in my ___________
  6. _________ few pictures from my camera
  7. Please will you _______ me up for the show
  8. Let us watch a game of __________

You can use the following image as a quick revision guide while teaching kids at school.

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