Phrasal Verbs List of 30+ Most Common Ones with Meaning

In this article we’ll look at the list of 30 common phrasal verbs which are used in our daily communication and even in writing. As understanding where to use them is quite difficult therefore we have also provided their meaning to get a clear picture of what they actually say.

If you are curious and want to have a more deeper understanding about what these verbs are refer to phrasal verbs guide with examples before you jump to following list.

A to Z List of common phrasal verbs to start with

Phrasal Verb Meaning
Abide byTo respect or obey a law or decision.
Break upto end a relationship.
Bring upto mention something.
Bring onto cause something to happen, especially negative.
Cheer onto support someone by giving them words of encouragement.
Cheer upgenerally used as a phrase of encouragement when someone is sad.
Come acrossto meet or find by chance.
Cut itphrase has a same meaning as stop it!
Cut into interrupt someone when they are speaking.
Cut offo interrupt or stop something.
Drop into stop by for a visit, for a short time.
Drop offto leave something/someone in their destination.
all apartto break into pieces.
Fill upto become completely full.
Get alongto have a friendly relationship with someone.
Get awayto escape.
Get upto stand up or wake up.
Get back atto get revenge at someone.
Give into surrender.
Give awayto hand things out for free.
Give upto stop trying.
Hang onto keep something.
Hang outto spend out time with someone casually.
Hold onto hold something tightly or ask someone to wait for some moment.
Look outto watch out for something.
Put onto get your clothes or make up on.
Take offto remove clothes or to leave for a journey.
Turn upwhen someone that was lost is found unexpectedly.
Work outto exercise.
Work outto come up with a solution or compromise with someone.

As a final point, these are some very common phrasal verbs that we can or we use on a daily basis, and are pretty much enough for you to begin walking on a trail full of it.

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