Coordinate Adjectives Guide with List of Examples

We all know that learning English is very interesting and the language becomes more fascinating when you are understanding new concepts and practicing it all the zeal n enthusiasm. With this blog, you would be learning the concept of coordinate adjectives and how they can be used in an appropriate way.

In this session, we would be working to know about the definition of a Coordinate adjective and how it can be used to form great sentences.

Coordinate Adjectives: Definition and Examples

So let’s begin by knowing the definition of the coordinate adjective. You can see that basically, a coordinate adjective is a word that can be defined as the adjective which appears in the sequence with one another to modify the same union.

Generally, by the rule of English Grammar, coordinate adjectives are also called as paired adjectives in which you would be having two or more adjectives preceding the noun and describing that same noun and modify it separately. In such cases, all the used adjectives are equal in their application. You can also say that the adjectives involve describing the noun. Suppose the order in which the adjectives are scrambled and joined makes use of ‘and’. Also, keep a note that all the coordinate adjectives are separated by a comma.

List of Examples of Coordinates Adjectives in Sentence

Now let’s move ahead to know the examples of coordinate adjectives in a sentence.

  1. In breakfast, I ate two tasty, oversized blueberry muffins.
  2. She brought home two dozen, long and heavy bananas.
  3. My girlfriend is a very tall, thin woman.
  4. You are a very cruel, heartless person.
  5. The cuckoo with the thick, bushy tail is flying in the sky.
  6. The dark red, beautiful rose flower smells very good.
  7. A saw a large, migratory bird today in the park.
  8. One of my students sang a happy, cheery song.
  9. don’t know how to make soft, delicious and healthy cookies.
  10. Class 4th students are very disciplined, punctual and sincere.
  11. My employees are not punctual, and efficient.
  12. I have a cute, attractive and soft puppy.
  13. I have a blue, attractive gel pen.
  14. My teacher is very polite, disciplined and strict.
  15. I don’t like to wear itchy, scratchy sweater as it irritates my cold dry skin.

Now, we would be sharing some tips and tricks that would be helpful to you in using Coordinate adjectives.

Bonus Tip:  If you are using or trying to use two or more adjectives in a sentence then it should separate them with comma. This is done in order to maintain clarity. You can also replace the comma with ‘and’ or sometimes reverse the order of adjectives.

For example:

  • Slippery, dangerous roads are common after the snowfall.
  • Slippery and dangerous roads are common after the snowfall.
  • Dangerous, slippery roads are common after the snowfall.


With this set of exercises and explanations, you can easily make sure that how to make proper use of coordinate adjectives and how they would be used in a sentence to describe the nouns of the sentence. With EnglishBix you won’t be having any issues while learning new concepts. If you have any doubt regarding anyhing you can get back to us through our blog comment section. Stay tuned!


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