Demonstrative Adjectives: A Beginners Guide With Examples

We have been studying English for very long and also about adjectives. We know how adjectives can be used to describe the nouns and how they are able to modify the nouns. In simple words, adjectives are basically the words that are used to modify nouns in a very different way.

In today’s session, we would be Working to know about demonstrative adjectives. Yes, you might feel that these are trickier and it is a vague sort of adjective. With the help of demonstrative adjectives, you would be able to modify the nouns or pronouns in any given sentence. In such cases, you would be emphasizing more on the importance of the noun or pronoun.

Demonstrative Adjective: List of Example Sentences

If you can see a demonstrative adjective is something that is used to indicate a noun or a pronoun in a given sentence. It would be really helpful in checking when you wish to make it clear which person or thing you would be describing and whether it is near or far or singular or plural.

The words or adjectives like ‘this’ or ‘that’ are some of the examples of the demonstrative adjectives. While you are identifying any demonstrative adjective, the reader will get to know or want to talk about the words.

For instance, you can see the given below examples.

  • You can see this cat sitting on the red couch.
  • Is that book yours?

With the help of such examples, your readers would know about what you trying to convey. It will help you to emphasize on the thing or object that you wish to describe.

1) Those pants are not very comfortable.

2) Do you like this soup?

3) That dress looks good on you.

4) These puppies are very playful.

5) I did not enjoy that book.

6) Did you grow those vegetables in your garden?

7) Can you help me move this box?

8) Mom, can we buy these magazines?

9) This tie is too tight.

10) I like this coat better than that one.


4 Commonly Used Demonstrative Adjectives – This, That, These, Those

Now once you have seen the example, we can move ahead with common demonstrative adjectives. The set of common demonstrative adjectives are:

  • This
  • That
  • These
  • Those

This useful tip would come handy to you as you would know that a demonstrative adjective in any given sentence comes just before a noun or pronoun and it will tell you which one would be specific in the modifying of the noun.

Here are some examples of demonstrative adjectives and their use in the sentence:

  • These shirts fit me very well.
  • Those jeans are very expensive.
  • The former CEO of my company was Mr. Rogers.
  • The latter option is good but costly.
  • This is the best friend mine.
  • That dog is really sick and needs care.
  • This uniform I’m wearing is very neat and clean.
  • That plane has to be landed one hour later.
  • These clothes smell very dirty.
  • This bag is full of eating materials for a long trip.
  • Those shoes are very beautiful but too big for my feet.
  • I have returned those books back to the library.

With the above examples, you would be able to know about the primary singular and plural forms of demonstrative adjectives.

This – used for a person or thing that is nearby or current
Example: This day could not get any better!

That – used for a person or thing that is further away
Example: That house across the street is so adorable.

These – used for more than one thing that’s nearby
Example: These shoes fit me very well.

Those – used for more than one thing that’s farther away
Example: Those boots are too expensive.




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