Descriptive Adjectives Words List with Examples

Imagine you are walking down the road on a beautiful Sunday morning and across the road you see a garden full of gorgeous yellow daffodils blooming under the ever so bright sunshine. They seem as if dancing with joy. You go back home to share this with your mother. But wait, how will you describe them? Of course, you will talk about their appearance and what you felt while looking at them. The words you will use here to describe those flowers are called Adjectives.

Particularly, adjectives represent the action, state, or quality that noun refers to. We are able to share our thoughts and express ourselves by using adjectives in our sentences. 

Descriptive adjectives are group of words that describe nouns. They assign an attribute to nouns which helps us easily describe a person, a place, or an object. They are mainly organized into three categories:

  1. Simple Adjective : They are the most basic kind of descriptive adjectives.
  2. Compound Adjective: They are created when two words are combined to create a descriptive adjective
  3. Proper Adjective: They are derived from proper nouns and they mainly describe the Nations, regions and religions.

There are different classes of adjectives, among which Descriptive adjectives is the most important and larger one. 

Examples of Descriptive Adjective Words

Have a look at the following list of descriptive adjectives which we use in everyday communication.

Angry Alert Asleep
Upset Shining Attractive
Bad Beautiful Light
Big Bitter Black
Brown Smooth Busy
Cheap Dark Clear
Fit Satisfied Soft
Broken Transparent Dangerous
Delicious Low High
Dull Dusty Elderly
Old Cute Better
Blue Careful Cold
Crazy Alive Dry


Expensive Fancy Fat
Dirty Fresh Messy
Good Graceful Stone
Handsome Happy Hard
Tasty Hot Huge
Large Lazy Heavy
Short Modern New
Square Round Straight
Oval Slim Pink
Plastic Poor Sharp
Quiet Rainy Red
Rich Purple Plain
Orange Noisy Long
Hungry Harsh Green
Giant Less Excited


Right Round Sad
Salty Wonderful Scared
Shy Skinny Small
Solid Sore Swift
Steep Sticky Strong
Sweet Teeny Terrible
Tired Great Incredible
Unusual Weak Weary
Gossiping White Wild
Woolen Wrong Yellow
Safe Extra Soft
Tan Super Tiny
Ugly Wet Young

Following are some compound proper adjectives:

Middle-Aged Far-Reaching Sugar-Free
Bullet-Proof World-Famous Long-Distance
Slow-Moving Fat-Free Full-Length

Following are some proper descriptive adjectives:

African Indian Alpine
Antarctic Brazilian British
Finnish Irish Israeli
Mexican American Scottish


Sentences Using Descriptive Adjectives

You definitely must have come across all of them in the list above. Now let us go through some examples of their use in our routine sentences.

  • The child carried a heavy school bag on her shoulders.
  • Ashley bought an expensive car for her brother on his birthday.
  • Good handwriting can earn you extra marks in exams.
  • My mother had prepared a tasty feast for me and my father yesterday.
  • The classroom was noisy as there was no teacher present.
  • The soldier looked incredible in his uniform.
  • My shoes are wet as they were left outside in the rain last night.
  • Ava looks as young as she was 10 years back.


When used correctly, adjectives can fill your sentences with so much energy and life. The next time you wish to describe something and cannot get proper words, we have got your back! Just refer to this list and add up to your sentences making them effective.

You must have understood the importance and use of Descriptive Adjectives by now. Get along with more of these with our worksheets and printables at English Bix. These will help you practice and master the use of adjectives, that too with some fun activities. Learn and enjoy!

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