Examples of Compound Complex Sentences & Its Properties

In this sentences guide Today we are going to learn about the compound complex sentences, examples to understand how to write them and see what makes them so confusing.

What are Compound Complex Sentences ?

A sentence which contains two or more coordinate independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses is called a compound complex sentence.

To clearly understand a compound complex sentence, need to review the two sentences types it is made of i.e compound sentences and complex sentences.

As we that A compound sentence is made of two or more Independent clauses joined by a conjunction, while a complex sentence is made of a Independent clauses and a dependent, or subordinate clause.

So, a compound complex sentence just a mixture of the above mentioned two types and is made up of two or more sentences joined by a conjunction, and but at least one of those sentence should be a complex. In other words, it is a compound sentence with a dependent, or subordinate clause.

These dependent or Subordinate Clauses are joined by subordinating conjunctions such as like that, which etc. etc. to form a complete compound complex sentence.

Example – We decided that we should go to park, but our children, who like to watch movies, were not ready.

We decided that we should go to park’ is one principal clause and ‘ but our children were not ready’ is another principal clause.  The dependent clause is ‘who like to watch movies’ which is in bold. ‘but’ here is a subordinating conjunction that joins the dependent clause to the principal clause.

5 Good Examples of Compound-Complex Sentences

Let’s see some examples that will help you build a solid understanding of compound sentences. Here the principal clauses are Italicized and bold words are coordinating conjunctions joining two Independent clauses.

1. I will get to play cricket, but first, I have to do my homework after we finish watching television.

2. I did the work, but I am really tired because I was busy the entire time.

3. Raghav forgot his friend’s birthday, so he sent him a gift when he finally remembered.

4. Ekta doesn’t like watching movies because they are very time wasting, so she doesn’t watch them.

5. The team captain jumped for joy, and the fans cheered because we won the state championship.

All of the five examples above have two or more Main clauses and one coordinate clause joining them. Hence All of these sentences are Compound sentences.

3 Important Rules for Correct Formation of Compound Sentences

  1. Principal / Independent clauses are like simple sentences in themselves as they have a subject and a verb.
  2. A Compound sentence can start any with of the the independent clause, there is no specific order.
  3. Two or more Independent clauses are linked using coordinate conjunctions like and, while, still etc. to form a complete compound sentence.

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