50+ Hard Spelling English Words to Spell with Meaning

English is not a language that you need to take it very seriously all the time. If you make the process more fun then you would be able to grasp the things easily. When you are learning new things or words you might come across some words that become very tough to spell as well as pronounce.

It would be really fun to think about such words and get to know what they mean. All these things also make us wonder as to what is it that makes English learning so difficult.

We have been knowing that most of the words are difficult to spell as they have been added to the dictionary from all those languages which are quite different from our own. The languages such as Sanskrit, Welsh and African provide words that are a bit difficult to pronounce, phrase them into some sentences or spell them. This happens because there is two to three letter which is silent. Sometimes they also have unique double letters such as KK or AA or II. Hence we find it these words difficult to pronounce.

In this session, we would be helping you to get command of some of the hardest spelled words or difficult words. This comprehensive list will feature some of the words that would be ending with a consonant or might be a bit confusing. But we have also provided the meaning of those words so it would be good for you to understand them.

List of Hard English Words to Spell

Following is a list of hard English words to spell for school students:

Word Type Meaning
Smaragdine Adjective Having the color of emeralds, of or relating to emeralds
Elucubrate Verb Compose or write by working studiously at night.
Odontalgia Noun Toothache.
Vivisepulture Noun The practice or act of burying alive.
Euonym Noun   A name well suited to a place, person or thing Named
Logorrhea Adjective   A state of excessive and often incoherent wordiness or talkativeness.
Prospicience Noun   Foresight, the act of looking forward
Autochthonous Adjective An adjective: Meaning Originating or formed in the place where found, native.
Laodicean Adjective   Indifferent or lukewarm in religion or politics
Cymotrichous Adjective   Having wavy hair.
Eudaemonic Adjective   Producing happiness.
Precocious Adjective unusually mature, most especially in mental development.
Unconscious Adjective   without awareness; not conscious.
Questionnaire     a list of questions; survey.
Ursprache   A hypothetically reconstructed parent-language, as Proto-Germanic, the ancestor of the Germanic-languages.
Appoggiatura   A tone preceding an essential melodic note.
Pococurante   Indifferent, nonchalant.
Succedaneum Noun A substitute
Chiaroscurist Noun An artist specializing in chiaroscuro.
Xanthosis   Yellowish discoloration of degenerating tissues.
Antediluvian   Relating to the period before the flood as described in the Bible.
Acquiesce Verb to accept as inevitable; to comply passively.
Vengeance Noun   punishment inflicted for wrong done.
Demitasse Noun   small coffee cup.
Conscientious Adjective Means  careful, particular, taking great care.
Onomatopoeia Noun   the formation of words by imitating a sound of action or noise described such as, honk, or meow.
Chauffeur Noun   a person hired to drive a private automobile.
Idiosyncrasy Noun   a mannerism or habit peculiar to an individual.
Chrysanthemum Noun   a widely-cultivated plant with brightly colored flower heads.
Surveillance Noun   continuous observation of a place, person or activity in order to gather information.
Liaison Noun   a person who maintains connections between people or groups.

 It would always be fun to know how many of them you could recognize. It will help you to improve your spelling and will be helpful in using them.

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