Homophones : Similar Sounding Words with Example Sentences

English, a language spoken widely across the world, borrowed millions of spelling from the preexisting languages and grew into a language having unimaginable numbers of spelling, giving birth to confusion amongst many English as well as non English countries. This confusion then gave birth to a little child in 19th century naming it “homophone” which perhaps till date is not widely celebrated amongst many, the reason is, this is a world where all of us are striving hard to make our lives easy! Homophones not contributing, as we would want it to, but this is just somebody’s thought who cannot master it, but those who did, got there names engraved in history from some of Shakespeare’s famous literary pieces like “Romeo and Juliet” which are Rich in homophones to Oscar Wilde’s poems “Importance of being earnest.”

What are Homophones and How to Learn them Quickly ?

Homophones are two or more words that sound like one another but the meaning and spelling happen to be different, and this, a child of confusion again Happen to become a mugger of your beautiful writing anchoring it to sail further in the sea to become flawless. Well it is unbelievably easy to use homophones, which most of us fail to understand because we don’t try to.

To start with, one should learn one word at a time, picturing it in their head, then putting it in the context that they want to, sounds easy right?  But this ain’t coming overnight and for someone like us who just begun, this wordplay could be tough when written on paper, and sometimes tougher writing just after your meal when you’re drowsy! Anyway to begin with we can understand it one after another with the help of examples in the form of sentences. So let’s set your writing free from the muggers to sail freely.

3 Good Sentence Examples of Homophones

1. Advise vs Advice

Advise(verb): offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone.

Advice (noun): guidance or recommendation offered with regard to prudent action.

Sentence Examples

  • I advise You not to bore me with your advice in future.
  • Advise your students before starting any lessons.
  • One shouldn’t give advice without applying the same on themselves.

2. Colonel vs Kernel

Colonel(noun): a military rank.

Kernel(noun): edible central part of a seed which is very tiny.

Sentence Examples :

  • Colonel is a rank attained by men who are hardworking.
  • In philosophical books like Upanishads, soul is said to be smaller than a kernel of seed and bigger than the universe.

3. Hare vs Hair

Hare(noun): mammal related to rabbits.

Hair(noun or adjective): thread like strand growing from the skin of mammal.

Sentence Examples :

  • Hare is bigger than rabbits, who make their nest on the ground unlike rabbit’s burrow underground.
  • Body hair on both men and women should be equally celebrated.

Examples should never look like an encyclopedia, and to mention every homophones in English language is not so easy, so here we end, you and I , perhaps releasing your bondage slave from a mugger.

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