English Accents: List of Different Types based on Regions

English is a language that is becoming very important these days. It is the language that is in demand. Being the official international language English has gained a lot of importance since the last decade. There are various countries including India, who have been focusing on learning the language and progressing with it.

Now when we know that English has been adopted in so many places it becomes very obvious that there would be some kind of difference in pronunciation and in the accent. This is found even in our local or regional languages. The different area has a different accent for the same language. Sometimes the words are having a different pronunciation.

4 Popular Types of English Accent based on Regions

Different dialects have a variety of pronunciation and vocabulary and grammar. You could easily make out the difference between the two. If you see the British linguistics dialects then you would know that they refer only to the change in the pronunciation of the words. 

So any person out there who wishes to learn English can easily refer to the vocabulary and grammar of Standard English but the pronunciation and accent would be very different. The accent would be from the regional accent.

Now we will be discussing the different English accents.

1. The British English Accent

In Britain or we can specifically mention London and southeast England makes use of RP which is referred to as Received Pronunciation. This is to show how was the traditional way of speaking English by the people of England.

You would find that this British accent is not specific to the geographical correlation and it is not even possible to hear someone speak RP. You should know which part of the UK is more influenced. This RP is traditionally considered prestigious something that is superior to others. Although, you should know that you are acquiring a unique way to understand.

Read more about popular – the Posh Queen’s Accent, way the British royals speak.


2. Standard American & Canadian English Accent:

The American accent is mostly spoken in the regions of the United States and marked with Atlantic Littoral where you would find medieval time settlements. There are three different dialects – Northern, Midland, Southern. These linguistic boundaries are highly tentative.

Sometimes you could find that they are extending the preserved traditions of American English. But with the immigrating group there have been new dialects or accents introduced in America.  Just like Spanish has become really popular in southeastern and southwestern states.


3. The Australian & New Zealand English Accent:

You could see that some other countries Australia, do not show any sort of concentration of the European language and sometimes other than English and within the borders of the geographical areas.

There are many aboriginal languages which are used by or spoken by a very small number of people. But with the changing times, these accents will just die down. As we can see that people here mostly have British Decedent and also there is a significant growth in the immigrants coming from different countries.

It would be becoming a Country dominant with the European accent. So within the time span, we would see the change in the English accents in Australian English.


4. The South Asian English Accent:

In the south Asian region, the country that comes to our mind is India. Basically Hindi was declared the official language but English also had the same importance and to date. English was accepted as the alternative official language. You would find a vast difference between the accents of Hindi speaking people and non-Hindi speaking people.

Also, there is a significant difference between the English accent of the Asian public compared to that of people from America and Britain.



The difference in the English speaking accent is very remarkable. The common thing is, all the accents are influenced by traditional or regional languages. But it is one of the most important languages today that holds a lot of significance.






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