Numeral Adjectives: Guide with Examples & Use in Sentences

English is one of the most significant languages of the world. It is quite helpful in developing your career. But before moving ahead with our session we would be knowing the definition of adjectives.

Numeral Adjective: Definition and Their Function

In this session, we would be discussing the work based on the numerical or number adjective. It will be used to depict either the number of nouns or pronouns and also in place of certain order. Sometimes, it is also defined as the state of the number of positions.

With the adjective of the number, you could describe or denote the number of a noun or sometimes pronouns. This would have useful in noting some of the places in a certain order. It will be helpful in knowing the exact number of nouns and pronouns along with their position and place. It is used with countable nouns.

With this, we would be moving ahead to know different types of numerical adjectives.

3 Different Types of Numeral Adjectives

Given below is the list that provides numerical adjectives that can be divided or categorized into three different forms.

1. Definite Numeral Adjectives: When you see words like one, two, double, fifth, sixth or second then these are called definite numeral adjectives

2. Indefinite Numeral Adjectives: When you witness words like some, few, many, all, no in a sentence then this is an indefinite adjective.

3. Distributive Numeral Adjective: In a sentence when the words such as each, every, neither, either are used to describe then it is known as a distributive numeral adjective.

List of Examples of Numeral Adjectives and Their Use in the Sentence

Following are some examples showing the use of adjectives of number in the sentence for you.

  • The brilliant one of you can be the leader of this group.
  • Two children make a family perfect.
  • Few dogs are unhealthy.
  • My legs have eight fingers and two
  • Some women are upset.
  • Most of the boys are selected for cricket.
  • Four books of the Management Studies are very tough.
  • I wrote many letters to you.
  • I wrote some letters to you but you did not reply.
  • There are only nine classrooms in our school.
  • One hour has sixty minutes.]
  • I have learned three languages.
  • You can get twenty-four hours service here.
  • Five of the employees have resigned today.
  • A week has seven day.

These Adjective of Number or Numeral Adjective will help you correctly find a word to define numbers of objects. Make sure you save this guide for your future reference and refer it whenever you feel like learning the words which help you express numbers.


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