4 Unique Ways to Practice & Improve English Listening Skill

English learning is something that we all look forward to. It is the most helpful thing which can promote our career and provide a super-easy way to communicate with confidence in the business world.

We are here to help you with improving the way you speak English (without making any grammatical errors) just by listening to the most essential key sentences.

4 Interesting Ways to Practice & Improve Your English Listening

We have listened to numerous ways to practice English when you would be willing to put the time and effort in the same direction. These are some of the interesting ways which would aim to improve your listening skills.


1. You Can Get Yourself Hooked To The English TV Show:

You might be wondering as to how just by looking at the TV shows one can learn English. But there are some really good English language drama or comedy shows that would be very interesting and when you start watching them from the beginning, it would be great for you.

You can easily follow the storyline and along with that, you could get to know different characters of the show. But the catch here is what kind of shows would you prefer or where can you find them. You can get the list of Best TV Series In English from the internet. To mention a few, you can watch FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, Vampire diaries and much more.

How The Above Mentioned Point Can Help You? – When you are learning English, it would be great to have something to practice which consistency and also for a long time. When you are watching a good TV show you would be able to spend hours and hours in front of your TV or laptop.


2. Listening To The Podcasts in English 

When you are listening to an English podcast, it will bring a great change in the way you communicate. You can listen to these podcasts by playing it through your headphones. It can be used anytime whether you are working or going on a ride, traveling by bus or even when you are cooking. 

You might be wondering how this can be helpful to you. So the thing is, it is the way you would be spending time learning something which is quite essential to you. You can even multi-task while listening to the podcasts. You do not have to find some extra or special time to listen to the podcasts.


3. Listening To The Youtube Songs Or Video On Low Volume

Just like you can go to Youtube and watch something interesting. The volume must be down so that it will make it easy for you to hear the words and learned the accent and pronunciation of words through them. With high volume is generally going Hoch-poch while you are listening.

If you think that this can be helpful or not, then be sure that it will be. Suppose in the real world you are trying to control how loudly people would be speaking. It is really some of the best ways to learn English by listening.

You can get hold of various videos through Youtube Channel.


4. Listen To English Stories & AudioBooks Before You Read Them

When listening to some stories or reading those stories aloud would help you to know the pronunciations of the words when people across the world may speak in English but they would be having different accents altogether. So it would be a great way to know how people from different places can pronounce different words. Moreover, It can help you to relate those things to the ‘real world’.

If you are wondering about getting the story podcasts or online books then it will be easy for you to surf through the net and get some books for English beginners. Once you are confident about yourself you can move to the expert level.

Conclusion: We hope that you will find these interesting methods valuable in your English listening practice. 

We here at EnglishBix are happy to help you with more upcoming blogs and resources. Feel free to drop us a comment or leave a suggestion. Stay Tuned! for more.

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