Pre Primer Level Dolch Sight Words List

Dolch sight word is a compiled list of around 220 sight words that a child should learn at an early age to automatically recognize. Here in this session, we will be having a close look at the list of easy words for pre primer level students.

Pre Primer Dolch Sight Words List for a Child

The Pre-primer is the easiest leveled reader, containing all the words from the Dolch pre-primer sight word list . Pre-primers resources also contain easy words that the children can sound out by using very simple phonetic rules.

Most of the children learn a sight word vocabulary by the end of their first grade because our first grade curriculum encourages a child to both read and write high frequency and sight words correctly.

The guy Dolch selected 40 sight words for the easiest leveled reader we know them as the pre-primer level (e.g., 40 frequently used words such as “the”, “said”, “and”, “for” and “it”).


These words serve as an ideal starting point If your child is starting to read or just learning a basic sight word vocabulary. Most of these words are among the words which are used in books of students in grades kindergarten through second grade.

Make sure you as a parent or teacher save this list for future reference and help your child learn these words in sets. Refer to this guide when one set of words is complete and you have to more to a different set.

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