List of Most Beautiful Words In the World of English Language

We as human beings have a different meaning for beauty and it is very subjective, but there are some words in English that are appreciated by the language-lovers and have reached a sort of consensus which would be regarding the beauty of that word. However you would be getting an excessive explanation to the strip of the humor right from the joke and it will risk all the dulling by experiencing the hearing, speaking or reading of these beautiful words which would be too much for analysis. So you can just jump in the right direction which is uncovered.

6 Beautiful Words to Add to Your English Vocabulary

We have a list of some beautiful words of the English language which would directly go into your vocabulary.


1. Bumblebee:

By the dictionary meaning, you could see what it means, a large hairy social bee which flies with a loud humming sound. It is considered beautiful because it is a cute name.

For example:

You could see a pudgy, furry bee which is bumbling around the and flying among the flowers.


2. Heaven:

You already know the meaning of this word. It means abode of God, it can also be considered informally as the experience of pure bliss. The word is beautiful because it does sound quite heavenly.

For example: 

You need to sigh a little as you are saying it out a bit loudly. So let the soft and gentle reverberation transport that will take you directly to your own slice of heaven.


3. Although:

As we check through the English Dictionary, then it would mean – in spite of the fact. It will be helpful if you try stretching out the word as say it to increase its powers. So you can simply use it as a filler while considering the responses and then bring out your statement as your challenge.

Well, we consider it beautiful as it has the potential to express the conflicts of all sort with a bit of poise.

For example:

Although, it was a really beautiful u need to be careful while stepping down the step-well.


4. Wonder:

You can refer to the dictionary meaning of the word which means – a feeling of amazement which is caused by something very beautiful. If you use the word as a verb then it would express a feeling of being curious.

The word is considered as beautiful because it sounds perfect and quite easy to pronounce. It is ending in the light and has a manner open manner which has no harsh sound.

For example:

I really wonder about the show, as to how things are changing in the country.


5. Fluffy:

The word itself sounds as it will be symbolizing something soft and cozy. If we see the literal meaning of the word then it will be something that is covered with fluff. This word can be synonym with furry, or shaggy. The word is beautiful because it is the ‘F’ word that is used to describe something lightand can be used to describe as one of the most adorable things in the world.

For example:

That dog is really very fluffy.


6. Phenomenal:

You need not be confused here. The word means something very remarkable or exceptional. You can also consider it as to express something very exceptionally good. The word is considered as beautiful it has got four-syllable and it will simply roll out the tongue in a very charming way. You will see the rhythmic manner of the word.

For example:

The building is generating a lot of radiation, I have never seen anything so phenomenal.



So, what do feel after knowing these beautiful words of English? It will help you to extend your vocabulary. You can make use of these words anytime and anywhere.

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