Asking Wh Questions Worksheet

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In the Asking Wh Questions Worksheet, you will get to practice the use of all Wh questions at one place. This would help you improve your vocabulary as well as sentence and question formation skills.

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Curiosity is the best way by which kids can learn about this big world. Asking questions is a good habit too.

But can you frame your questions correctly? Well, this needs a knowledge of correctly using the Wh question words like, What, Who, Why, etc.

Here in the Asking Wh Questions Worksheet you can practice all these Wh question words in a super fun way.

  • Read the sentences one by one.
  • See which missing Wh question word fits perfectly before every incomplete sentence.
  • Fill in the blank with the perfect word to complete the sentence.

This simple and fun practice can help you develop your vocabulary and language skills in no time!


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