Proper Adjectives: The Beginners Guide with Examples

But before moving ahead directly toward the set of examples. We need to understand what do we mean by proper adjectives.

You are already aware of the proper nouns in English Grammar. Proper nouns are those words which are capitalized and typically be people’s name, cities, countries, brand names and days of weeks or month names. Now you might be wondering as to what are proper adjectives.  These words would be helping you to describe the proper nouns.

Proper Adjectives: Words to Modify Proper Noun

Generally, the proper adjectives would be taking proper nouns and then shifting the functions to fill the role of an adjective. These words would be modifying another noun. To understand it in a better way lets take a closer look at the adjectives.

We would be beginning with proper nouns once again. The proper noun as per the English Grammar are those words that would be referring to the particular people, places or things. Now, for example, the Author is a noun, but James Bond is a proper noun. Similarly, the country is a noun whereas India is a proper noun. You could also say that a Proper noun is the origin of Proper adjectives.

Moreover, the word Indian is a proper adjective for the proper noun, India. You would be glad to know that just like proper nouns, the proper adjectives are also capitalized.

There is another aspect of Proper Adjective, where the words are used to describe something. Now, this is similar to some of the regular adjectives. But the proper adjectives are being more specific. You will have to be careful about the sentences that make use of proper adjective and they have to be more succinct. In this way, it will be more helpful to build a good vocabulary and then directly describe all the things.

Tabular List of Proper Adjectives and Example Sentences

Let’s look at a few examples of proper adjectives and how they are use in writing:

place name)

proper noun

proper adjective

example sentence



Jumbo was a famous African elephant.



I just love to eat Alaskan salmon.



We need an Alpine guide, please.



They cut their way through the Amazonian rainforest.



Nothing could prepare them for the ferocity of the Antarctic winds.



How many Asian countries have you visited?

Atlantis (fictional)


He built an Atlantean castle for himself.



They scanned the Balinese skyline.



This is one of many Barcelonian traditions.



I have a Brazilian boss.



My teacher is British.



Let’s go to a Chinese restaurant.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican

What are the Costa Rican beaches like?



Have you ever experienced a Himalayan winter?


Proper adjective finds their application in a metaphorical sense as well. In the academic section, you would often find words that are formed by the proper names of important thinkers. It is always helpful to get an indication in certain ways. With this concluding part, we hope that you would have achieved a good understanding of the proper adjectives. If you still have any confusion you can get back to us through our comment section. Till then stay tuned.


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