Rhymes and Rhyming Words for Perfect Rap Slang

We all have experienced the trend of Rapping in the music world. Rapping is the musical form of vocal delivery that can easily be incorporated by creating rhyming words. People from all age groups are taking equal interest in Raps. Teenagers and young adults are also getting involved by creating small music videos. But sometimes while rapping they do not get the right words that would fit to their content.

Here we’ll have a look at Enumeration of more than rhyming words in an alphabetical order to make it easier to search the list.

So, when you were listening to Eminem(any rapper of your choice) the last time, and trying hard to synchronize your lips to the words, what crossed your mind? Of course it was him you were baffled with but did you notice him rapping, ten words in a second, although the rap was on level 1000th compared to your “Baa baa  baa baa black sheep” but I know at one point of our life we were all good at, perhaps rhyming and not rapping, keeping aside the fact that we were all 5 and in kindergarten.

Anyway I want your attention again to the word play, that happens in all rap and KG poems, the term today is rhyming, though not paid enough attention to, but it’s fun to Know some great words to sound like a rapper, so let’s get into remix of dictionary.

Rhymes for Professional Rapping

We have an alphabetically sorted list of pair of rhyming words.

Words Starting with Letter ‘a’

  • ambit, gambit
  • anguish, languish
  • ankle, rankle
  • anther, panther
  • argent, sergeant
  • ascot, mascot
  • audit, plaudit
  • austral, claustral
  • awful, lawful

Words Starting with Letter ‘b’

  • badger, cadger
  • bailiff, caliph
  • bantam, phantom
  • bargain, jargon
  • Bernard, gurnard
  • beverage, leverage
  • biggin, piggin
  • biplane, triplane
  • birchen, urchin
  • bittern, cittern
  • bodice, goddess
  • bonnet, sonnet
  • bosky, drosky
  • briefly, chiefly
  • booger, sugar
  • broadcast, podcast
  • bullet, pullet
  • buskin, Ruskin
  • buttock, futtock

Words Starting with Letter ‘c’

  • cadre, padre
  • cartridge, partridge
  • cavern, tavern
  • central, ventral
  • cheaply, deeply
  • cherish, perish
  • Christmas, isthmus
  • churlish, girlish
  • clothing, loathing
  • coastal, postal
  • cockney, knock-knee
  • coffee, toffee
  • collet, wallet
  • colored, dullard
  • coltish, doltish
  • combat, wombat
  • cornet, hornet
  • corpus, porpoise
  • corset, Dorset
  • cortex, vortex
  • Cossacks, Trossachs
  • coven, oven
  • cowboy, ploughboy
  • crackpot, jackpot
  • curlew, purlieu
  • custom, frustum

Words Starting with ‘d’

  • darken, hearken
  • darkling, sparkling
  • deafest, prefaced
  • detail, retail
  • dictum, victim
  • discal, fiscal
  • dockside, oxide
  • doorway, Norway
  • dovetail, love-tale
  • druid, fluid

Words Starting with ‘e’

  • Eden, Sweden
  • emu, seamew
  • errand, gerund
  • exile, flexile
  • extant, sextant
  • eyebrow, highbrow

Words Starting with ‘f’

  • faithful, scatheful
  • farness, harness
  • felon, melon
  • fescue, rescue
  • figment, pigment
  • finis, Guinness
  • Finland, inland
  • fitness, witness
  • fixture, mixture
  • flagship, hagship
  • fleecy, greasy
  • flourish, nourish
  • fountain, mountain
  • frequence, sequence
  • fustic, rustic

Words Starting with ‘g’

  • gallant, talent
  • ghostess, hostess
  • ghostly, mostly
  • gibbon, ribbon
  • grapnel, shrapnel
  • gremlin, Kremlin
  • gusset, russet

Words Starting with ‘h’

  • harpist, sharpest
  • hazard, mazzard
  • Hendon, tendon
  • highland, island
  • hireling, squireling
  • hotness, squatness

Words  Starting with ‘i’

  • image, scrimmage
  • inkhorn, stinkhorn

Words Starting with ‘j’

  • juncture, puncture
  • junket, plunket

Words Starting with ‘k’

  • keyboard, seaboard
  • kiddish, Yiddish
  • kidney, Sidney

Words Starting with ‘l’

  • lappet, tappet
  • launder, maunder
  • layoff, playoff
  • leeward, seaward
  • lengthen, strengthen
  • lilacs, smilax
  • livid, vivid
  • lonely, only
  • lordship, wardship
  • loudly, proudly
  • luncheon, truncheon

Words Starting with ‘m’

  • magnate, stagnate
  • menu, venue
  • milder, wilder
  • mileage, silage
  • minnow, winnow
  • modus, nodus
  • mopish, Popish hi
  • mournful, scornful
  • mufti, tufty

Words Starting with ‘n’

  • nescience, prescience
  • nonage, Swanage
  • nostrum, rostrum
  • nuisance, usance

Words Starting with ‘o’

  • ogress, progress

Words Starting with ‘p’

  • pallor, valor
  • parsley, sparsely
  • peevish, thievish
  • person, worsen
  • pinto, Shinto

Words Starting with ‘r’

  • rabid, tabid
  • rhymeless, timeless
  • ripened, stipend
  • ripplet, triplet
  • ruttish, sluttish

Words Starting with ‘s’

  • Scotsman, yachtsman
  • Scottish, sottish
  • sextile, textile
  • siphon, hyphen
  • spoonful, tuneful

Words Starting with ‘t’

  • tasteful, wasteful
  • torpor, warper
  • tumbril, umbril

Rap Slang Vocabulary Words List 

So here is an ultimate list of Rap vocabulary words to have a perfect slang.

Words Used In RapMeaning 
Addictto cause to become dependent
Cold turkeycomplete and abrupt withdrawal of all addictive drugs or anything else on which you have become dependent
Magnetic attractionFeeling the magnetic vibes from the musical instruments
Fizzlecan be female
Fo’shizzleFor sure
Skizzlea drip of any sort of intoxicating liquid
Tizzletizzy, a state of agitation or nervousness.
Rhymecorrespondence in the final sounds of two or more lines
Firebranda piece of wood that has been burned or is burning
Conjuresummon into action or bring into existence
Quenchsatisfy, as thirst
Metaphora figure of speech that suggests a non-literal similarity
Lyricof or relating to poetry that expresses emotion
Warymarked by keen caution and watchful prudence
Subtledifficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze
Mirthgreat merriment
Sailed having a sail or sails of a specified kind.
Emptinessthe quality of lacking meaning or sincerity; meaninglessness.
Sigha long, deep audible exhalation expressing sadness, relief, tiredness, or similar.
Desirestrongly wish for or want
Sea Brokena patch of water whose surface is rippled or choppy, usually surrounded by relatively calm water.
Heartthe central or innermost part of something.
Criedshed tears, typically as an expression of distress, pain, or sorrow
Mountaina large natural elevation of the earth’s surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level; a large steep hill.
Alonehaving no one else present.
Stuntingprevents from growing or developing properly.
Flexing bend or become bent.
Manegrowth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, or another mammal.
Trilla quavering or vibratory sound, especially a rapid alternation of sung or played notes

Help yourself succeed in reading, writing or singing by using the above mentioned rhyming families.

To sum up, it’s just a word play and you a boss, however, so go ahead and boss up!

For those who want to find the perfect rhyme, check out this handy rhyming dictionary .

Till then keep exploring EnglishBix to learn some easy rhyming words that beginner rappers should start with.

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