How To Use Articles as Adjectives to Modify or Describe Noun

While practicing English and learning about the new concepts we have come across many articles, determiners, and quantifiers. These are the words that aim to modify the nouns and they precede noun.

For instance, you can check the phrases given below.

  • The Teacher
  • A College
  • A Bit of honey
  • That person
  • Either Way
  • Your Choice

These are some of the phrases which help us to understand various words and how they have the potential to change the nouns. Sometimes you might come across the words which would tell the readers or listeners about the specific thing such as how much or how many. You always have to be careful with the choice of your articles that would be preceding a noun or a noun phrase. Sometimes this also becomes challenging for the writers who would consider this small thing as an obstacle on the way to mastery of English.

It would be very interesting to help you know that articles are said to make the mark when the noun is followed by articles.

Before we move ahead with the explanation we need to understand what is an article and how it can help to identify or modify a noun.

Article as Adjectives to Modify and Describe Noun

Generally, as per the English guidelines, you can see that an article is a word that id used to modify the noun. It can be a person, place, thing or idea. Here you could know that nouns can be countable nouns and uncountable nouns.

You would be learning about definite and indefinite articles. These articles are used in a sentence before the noun. This would be the deciding factor when you would have to consider all the articles and use modify the noun.

The basic articles :

  • The
  • An
  • A

You might be knowing that ‘The’ is used with the specific noun and it is required when you would be referring to represent any one of a kind, while ‘a’ and ‘an’ are indefinite articles used to represent general things or person.

Let’s have a look at some examples to see how ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘The’ act as an adjective and help in specifying and describing the given noun.

We have marked “general” for sentences using ‘a’ or ‘an’ are, and “specific” for sentences using ‘The’ to indicate if the noun we are talking about is specific or not.

  1. “Riding a bike is one way to exercise and have fun at the same time.” – general
  2. The Earth is orbiting the Sun. – specific
  3. A beagle makes a great hunting dog and family companion. – general
  4. An Airedale is sometimes a rather skittish animal. – general
  5. The golden retriever is a marvelous pet for children. – specific
  6.  “I want to buy a beagle, and any old beagle will do.” – general
  7. “I spent my entire winter break in the Caribbean.” – specific
  8. “My favorite place to camp is in the Adirondacks.” – specific
  9. “There are twenty chairs in the classroom.” – specific
  10. “There are twenty-four hours in a day.” – general



So now you had learned about the Articles that can be used as the adjectives which would be modifying the noun. With the help of various examples, you can understand the basics behind the usage or application of the articles and you would be able to know how they can modify the noun. In case you still have some confusion while making use of the articles you can get back to us through our blog section. We at EnglishBix would be glad to help you out. Stay Tuned.







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