Adjectives Words to Describe Night

Night is a period of darkness in the atmosphere which lasts from sunset to sunrise during each 24-hour day, when the Sun is not visible.

During quiet nights even the footsteps of the people and sounds of the animals can be easily heard.

Adjective Words to Describe Night

Following are common words to describe night in writing:

Blue Black Longest Calm
Colorful Preceding Fearful
Wintry Following Endless
Wonderful Dreadful Memorable
Velvety Fine Succeeding
Black Quiet Miserable
Cloudless Terrible Greatest


Less Black Beautiful Windy
Clear Arabian Eventful
Magnificent Warm Short
Cold Exciting Lonely
Broody Deep White
Deep Blue Eternal Dreary
Foggy Silent Wakeful


Lunar Coming Particular
Stormy Everlasting Comfortable
Bright Clear Awful Approaching
Smoke Filled Rainy Wet
Silver Gray Bitter Starlit
Darkest Fatal Holy

The night is beautiful when bright moon is completely out. At nightfall, the blue sky is full of countless stars. The stars are like a playful little kids, playing hide-and-seek games with us and shining the sky at the same time.

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