Example of Common Cliche Phrases in English

Hello Children

Let us understand the meaning of a word Cliché and subsequently we will work on the examples explaining the most common cliché phrases which is used in routine.

What is a Cliche?

cliché is a concept or phrase that has been so widely used that it has become unpopular or even obsolete.

A Cliché is an expression, an image, or a concept that has been so widely used that it sounds strange. Using clichés is considered inappropriate writing and speech because it makes it sound as if you did not pay attention and thoughts to your words. Good writers and speakers try to use imaginative and original language rather than clichés in their work.

Clichés are important because they express ideas that are widespread and commonplace within the culture, hence the phrase “humorous but true.” In our culture, however, we tend to dislike clichés because we place too much emphasis on creativity, innovation, and ingenuity, rather than on repetition and using other people’s words.

Examples of Cliche Phrases

Let us work on the routine cliché phrases we often speak in general:

  • All that glitters isn’t gold
  • Don’t get your knickers in a twist
  • All for one, and one for all
  • Kiss and make up
  • He has his tail between his legs
  • And they all lived happily ever after
  • Cat got your tongue?
  • Read between the lines
  • Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  • We’re not laughing at you we’re laughing with you
  • Only time will tell
  • In the nick of time
  • Lost track of time
  • Just a matter of time
  • A waste of time
  • Time flies
  • In a jiffy
  • Brave as a lion
  • Weak as a kitten
  • Had nerves of steel
  • Ugly as sin
  • Opposites attract
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Don’t cry over spilled milk
  • The calm before the storm
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Love you more than life itself
  • Frightened to death
  • All is fair in love and war
  • All’s well that ends well