Interrogative Adjectives : Examples and Use in Sentence

Being a human being we have a natural tendency to be very inquisitive about anything and everything. So, it natural that our communications with others also gives us many instances where we make use of interrogative sentences.

In this session, we will discuss various interrogative adjectives and how are they important in English Language or English Grammar. But hold on, let’s get to know about what are adjectives.

What are Interrogative Adjectives and How they are used ?

To start our discussion let us look quickly look at Adjectives which are the words that describe a noun or a pronoun. For example,

  1. A pink car.
  2. A beautiful monument.
  3. A slim-fit shirt.

In the above examples, we can see that the adjectives are used to describe the nouns such as “Pink”, “Beautiful”, “Slim-Fit”. The precisely describe the nouns and pronouns.

Similarly, there are interrogative adjectives that are usually used with interrogative pronouns. You should always make sure that the interrogative adjectives cannot stand on their own, but they can serve the purpose to make modifications in another term.

Now let’s see what do you exactly mean by Interrogative Adjectives.

Interrogative adjectives are the words that are used to modify the noun in an interrogative form. These adjectives are used with nouns and help to make sentences that ask a question such as whose, where, what, why, how and which. 

How Interrogative Adjectives are used to Modify Nouns

The Interrogative Adjective is also used to modify the nouns or nouns phrases and easily placed before in a sentence. For example

  • Which pencil box is yours? (The word “which” is an interrogative adjective that will modify pencil.)
  • What web series you are seeing too? (The word “what” word is an interrogative adjective that modifies movie)
  • Which fruits should eat every day? (Here you will find that the word “which fruits” is the subject of the verb phrase “should be eaten”)
  • What plans are you working on? (In this sentence the word “what plans” is the direct object of the verb phrase “working”)

Examples of Interrogative Adjective Words in Sentence

Now, finally, we can get to learn about some of the Interrogative Adjectives in a sentence.

  • Whose pen is that?
  • Which book do you read more?
  • What clothes are you buying today?
  • Which book on programming do you recommend?
  • Which team would score the higher in the last match?
  • Which player did cross fifty scores yesterday?
  • What type of recipe did you choose to make this dish?
  • Which toy is Watson’s?
  • Which latest song is Zara listening to?
  • What product are you planning to order from there?
  • Which topics do you think are more important for the exam?
  • Whose Jeans did you wear?
  • Whose cell phone are you planning to use while talking to me?


We have learned a lot about Interrogative Adjectives till now. Hope this session would be helpful to you while dealing with such words and help you build your career in a better way. EnglishBix will always be there to help you with English Grammar.

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Learn how interrogative adjectives are used in sentences.

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