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Three-Letter Rhyming Words Workbook for Kids


Rhyming Words are essential for kids to help them in enhancing reading ability and also building the vocabulary at the same time.

This workbook will help your child learn new 3-letter rhyming words like way, say, pay, cap, tap, map etc. with different ending suffix sounds.

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The Rhyming Words are formed with two or more words having the suffix with same sound. With this workbook your child will learn different set of 3-letter rhyming words like van, can, ban, cat, bat, hat etc.

The activities given in this workbook help kids enjoy learning the new rhyming noun words. Following is the List of tasks included in this book :

  1. spell the picture name, Circle the word which sounds different from the picture.
  2. Carefully look at the words given in each row and circle the odd one out.

By doing these activities students will learn new rhyming words with specific ending sounds and remember their spellings.


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