Endangered Animal Species Printable Workbook


When an animal species is endangered, it’s in danger of disappearing, or going extinct. If an animal species goes extinct, it means there are no more animals of that species still alive.

Get to know more about these Endangered Animal Species through this Printable Workbook.

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If an animal is endangered, that means that there aren’t many of that kind of animal left and that the ones that are left are having trouble surviving.

Sadly, today there are about 16,000 animal species endangered all over the world. These include Elephants, Giraffes, Tigers, Rhinoceros, etc.

Let us know more about these unlucky animals through activities like:-

  • Coloring endangered animals and naming them
  • Checking if the animal is endangered or not
  • Unscrambling names of endangered animals and writing them correctly.

Get to know more about these wonderful animal species, who are reducing day-by-day, through this activity workbook.


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