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Landforms of the World Identification Worksheets

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From a tall mountain to a low plain, the Earth has many different and interesting types of landforms. Let’s learn about some of the most common ones in this Landforms Of The World Identification Worksheets.

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Our planet Earth is a very big place! And it has many different types of land on it. Mountains, islands, and plains are all types of landforms. Landform is a natural feature of the solid surface of the Earth. Let’s learn about some landforms and see which ones are new to you and which ones you already know about. These worksheets have got some amazing activities for you like:-

  • Identifying the landform picture and writing correct name
  • Completing sentences with landform names
  • Writing the correct word and matching with name
  • Checking if there’s a landform in the picture or not

Let’s learn more about these wonderful landforms through these worksheets.


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