Arctic Polar Bear Activity Worksheets


Polar bears are amazingly big animals. They live in the Arctic where the air and water temperatures are very cold. Are you wondering how are Polar Bears able to survive there?

Let’s find more about Polar Bears and their habitat with this Polar Bear of Arctic Activity Printable Worksheets

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Polar Bears have got special features that help them live in that.

But, sadly, due to global warming and climate change, the sea ice on which polar bears live is melting faster. They are left with a smaller area in which to find food and live.

Get to know more about Polar Bears through this wonderful activity book which has got activities like:-

  • Coloring a big picture of an awesome Polar Bear!
  • Read and find out more about Climate Change.
  • Then, fill-in your views about Polar Bears and their conditions in these worksheets.

With these Polar Bear of Arctic Activity Printable Worksheets you can learn a lot about animals living in the cold regions.


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