Suffix Spelling Rules Worksheet

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Suffix Spelling Rules Worksheet has this super fun activity for young kids working on their grammar skills. Here the child will get to learn and practice four different rules of Suffix spellings, all at one place!

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A suffix is a letter or group of letters that when added to a word to change its meaning or make the word into another type of word, such as a noun into an adjective.

Teach your kid about suffix spelling rules with this wonderful Suffix Spelling Rules Worksheet. Here the kid experiences an awesome activity where s/he has to adjoin two words and fill-in the blanks given in front of them with the new word.

There are four types of words based on four rules of suffix spellings given in four separate columns. This activity will allow the kid to learn and practice all the four rules in an enjoyable way, boosting up their confidence and vocabulary skills as well.


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