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Transportation Vehicles Activity Workbook for Elementary Grade

This transportation vehicles activity workbook helps students build vocabulary related to names of different automobiles that transport people and goods.

Children will enjoy the activities like coloring, matching, finding related to air, land and water transportation.

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Kids love learning about vehicles(machines) that transports people or cargo. Vehicles include automobiles, bicycles, buses, trains, cars, helicopters, spacecraft and aircraft .

The activities given in this workbook help students learn the names of different types of transportation vehicles. Following is the List of tasks included in this book :

  1. Is it an Air, Water or Land Transport?
  2. Color the modes of transport and name them.
  3. Cut and Paste the pictures under their relevant vehicle categories.
  4. Choose from the box and Fill the blanks to complete the sentence.
  5. Read out the name of each picture. Fill the blanks with picture name.

By doing these activities students will learn names of different modes of transportation that they see around and remember where they are used in land, water or air.

Activities are specially designed for lower elementary grade kids to build their basic transportation vehicles vocabulary.


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