5 Important Functions of Quotation Marks for Efficient Writing

English has become something which has become immensely important today. You would require good communication skills to excel in any organization. Whether you are in the business world or corporate sector, your negotiation skill is something that would help you to get yourself promoted to a good level.

But sometimes people face difficulties while learning it. Especially while using punctuation and quotations mark, people tend to end up using it in the wrong way or at a wrong place.

But you need not worry, here we bring you some really good points which would be helping you to define how and where quotation marks must be used.

Before we move ahead to the tips directly, lets first brush up our knowledge on Quotation Mark:

What is the quotation mark?

We have already studied about Punctuation mark, so quotation marks are something that would identify the direct speech and it will highlight the special words along with the phrases.


1. Quotation Marks are used mostly for Dialogues

In the English language, the quotation marks are placed in the speech (mostly in fictional stories). It is very easy to use as you when a dialogue is delivered then you need to put a quotation mark around it. These marks are really suitable or appropriate for conjectural speech. It will be helpful in representing the basic idea of the speech.

Sometimes, it might happen that quoted material is enclosed in single or double-quotes. So need to be careful about choosing all the things.


2. Use Of Quotation Mark For Different Parts Of Composition

While using parts of the composition, it is necessary to check out all the rules pertaining to the titles that can be written in the narrative form. With quotation mark, you can easily identify the titles of the books or anything that would require some level of highlight. They help the main topic to be distinguished from the rest of the paragraph. It can be helpful while emphasizing on something or some sort of conference or anything.


3. Special Text Highlighting

Quotation mark is used when you need to symbolize something special. You can also reserve it for ironic or metaphoric sense. Sometimes in novels and stories, most of the people try to put up slang English which also requires the use of quotation marks.


4. Where To Avoid Quotation Mark

When you are aware of the fact that nicknames would be used is complete insolation without any use of quotation.


5. Avoiding Mistakes While Using Quotation Mark 

People tend to misplace the quotation mark and sometimes it has the capability to entirely change the meaning of the sentence structure. One of the biggest problems that might occur is while using it with other punctuations. But make sure you do not use it to single out the words or sometimes phrases. You will end up by confusing your readers with these small mistakes. We always understand that it is used to put some stress on the words and make it stand out. Without using a quotation mark also you can stress or emphasize the words by Bolding or Italizing the words.

Along with the above function, you need to have a good knowledge of the difference between single quotation and double quotation. It is very important to decide when and how to use single quotes and it should not be replaced with doubled quotes. We know that double quotes are generally used when there needs to be some display of dialogues.


These are some of the functions or the way in which quotation marks should be used. Also, you need to ensure that they should not be misplaced as it will completely change the meaning of the words.

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