The Awful English Words That Must Be Avoided by Writers


Today we look at the list of some wrong and awful words in English that every good writer must avoid to make his or her writing stand-out.


From the last set of blogs and articles, we know that English is an international language and it is one of the most important communication media for most people. With this article, we will be discussing some words that are really awful and must be avoided. Along with that, you would also be able to become a good writer by imbibing some good skills.

Sometimes we get a small piece of advice from everyone before er even start writing. Can you guess? Yes.

What Should A Writer Do?

A Writer must be very specific. This is the simplest advice we give and get from everyone.


What Are Some Words That Might Ruin Your Writing?

You might be thinking that there exist some words in English that might ruin your entire document but there are no such specific words that would just improvise the writer’s copy. These awful words are quite vague and create vagueness in the content. Moreover, you would feel that these are the shortcuts to some other words. When you write vague words it does not convey a proper message to the readers. They are left confused as to what to expect.

Being a writer, if you find yourself writing any such words then find some good alternatives and then put it in your content.

The writer’s concern is always to discuss what not to write. It is inevitable to do exactly the same thing that you ask others to avoid. Hence such situations do not arise and we would move ahead.

As a common fact, we all know that writing is an art and everyone has got the freedom to explore the world and mesmerize their readers.

List of Awful Words that Every Writer Must Avoid

Here are some awful words that all writers must avoid. Without further delay, we would directly go to the content.

1. Avoid Using “One Of”

All good writers would take a stand right here right now. It destroys the style of writers work. You can say that it is either the most important or not. You must avoid using the phrases in the sentences “one of the best”, “one of the most important”.

Let’s check this with an example:

  • One of the most essential thing in English is to avoid repetitive words
  • The most essential thing in English is to avoid repetitive words.

To avoid vagueness in the sentence, avoid using the word “Some”: By definition, the word some means an unspecified number or amount. The word is mostly used to refer to something or someone who is not known or not specified. So instead of using “some” which creates vagueness in the writing. Along with this, seven other words need to be avoided are:

  • sometimes
  • something
  • someone
  • somewhere
  • somewhat
  • somebody
  • somehow


2. Avoid Using The Word “Thing”

It is quite common that we use the word “thing” in all of our contents. Even as this article is written, we had to keep a keen eye on all the awful words are not used. Again this word creates a shortcut and gives vagueness in the content. It will diminish the quality of your writing.


3. Never Use “To Be” verb before another verb that ends with “-ing”

As we know that “to be” is very common and frequently used the verb in the English Language. The conjugations include :

  • am
  • are
  • is
  • was
  • were
  • being
  • been

The reason behind the frequent use of this word is that are common and easily understood by the readers. But in a few cases, we overuse them along with progressive verbs.

For example:

  • A herd of deers was running across the river in the jungle.
  • A herd of deers ran across the river in the jungle.


4. Being Careful While Using Adverbs

Till now, you are confident about adverbs, they are the words that describe verbs and end with -ly. Use these words with precaution as they enhance the reading experience. With the use of adverbs, you get a glimmer of meaning, but with gold plated.



Writing a good piece always take time and effort. You will have to think about all the sentences to make out a perfect meaning out of it. All these efforts are taken to make the readers mesmerize. At times, you write and rewrite the content.

It will help you to become a great writer. Eventually, you will become quick and efficient in your writing style. If you have any doubts or if you wish to share any new points then add it in our comment section. We at EnglishBix are always there to help you.

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