Correlative Conjunctions Pairs List with Examples

The conjunctions are connectors between two sentences, clauses, phrases, or words. We often use conjunctions in speech and writing.

The proper use of conjunctions allows for more natural flow in one’s writing. The improper use of conjunctions often results in writing that sounds disconnected and incomplete.

You are all aware and knowledgeable about the conjunctions but this time we would be working with correlative conjunctive pair of words.

What are Correlative Conjunctions?

In English grammar, correlative conjunctions come in pair of words therefore they are also called pair conjunctions, and are used in different places in a sentence. They get their names from the fact that they work together(co-) and one sentence to another.

They are used in different places in a sentence to make them work more effectively. Just like coordinating conjunctions, they join words, phrases, or independent clauses of equal importance and structure.

A great way to practice these pairs is to flip through these correlative conjunctions worksheets.

You can see some of the examples of correlative conjunctions that are frequently used in the English language.

List Of Correlative Conjunctions Pairs

Examples of Correlative conjunctions pairs include:

  • Both / and
  • Either / or
  • Hardly / when
  • If / then
  • Just as / so
  • Neither / nor
  • Rather / than
  • No sooner / than
  • The / the
  • Not only / but also
  • Rather / or
  • Whether / or
  • As much / as
  • As / as

Let’s explore some examples and see how correlative conjunctions are used in sentences.

Sentence Examples of Correlative Conjunctions

  1. Mohits needs to learn both the subjects, maths as well as English.
  2. It is necessary for both of you to attend the meeting.
  3. Jenny enjoyed both the movie and the company.
  4. The MNC needs to deal in both the sectors – hardware and software.
  5. Maya can choose to eat either cake or pastry at dinner.
  6. You can take either bike or car to your office.
  7. You need to look at either side of the road before crossing it.
  8. Natasha likes neither milk nor milk products at breakfast.
  9. Both Jenny and Lina enjoyed the movie.
  10. Do you really care whether the climate is dry or moist while working?
  11. You can have either noodles or rice for dinner.
  12. Jonathan not only studies hard but he also works well at the office.
  13. You could have seen that it is such a tiny kitchen that Sheela doesn’t have to do much to keep it clean.
  14. Pete is as tall as Mike.
  15. Scarcely Feria entered the room when the phone rang loudly in the morning.
  16. No sooner did Mayank enter the living room than he saw a large Python.
  17. A lion can’t run as fast as a cheetah.
  18. I’m not only going to the gym, but also meeting the team!
  19. It is such a clean and beautiful beach that you won’t feel like going back.
  20. Mohana likes neither Continental nor Italian cuisine.

When we use correlative conjunctions we need to make use of parallel sentence structure, especially in formal writing. Parallel structure needs both elements that are joined by the correlative conjunction to be equal.

Keep exploring EnglishBix to learn about different types of conjunctions and how they are used to join sentences and phrases.

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