Empowering Words to Describe a Strong Women in 2023

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is how far we have come in the term of respecting women and providing them equality in every field. What we need to learn from them how.

Female Empowerment on International Women’s Day

Today women are competing with men in each and every field. Even after being a homemaker or being a mother they have proved themselves that they are no less than men in any perspective. Women are more often the unsung heroes.

Although in many countries women are achieving equality in health outcomes and primary school enrollment rates, the world has not seen the same kind of progress when it comes to gender equity in economic opportunity. Women consistently trail men in formal labor force participation, access to credit, savings rates, income levels, entrepreneurship rates, as well as in inheritance and ownership rights. Along with proper evidence, we can see that putting economic resources in the favor of women you can easily accelerate the development of sustainable development to reduce poverty.

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Women and Society: It is not a secret that women have been treated badly and have been given less importance than men. Hence this shows that it is quite difficult to find some words to describe powerful, intelligent women in the English language. But still, we have brought some of the best words that you can use for your loved ones.

Empowering Words for Strong Woman:

Following is a list of powerful adjectives you can use to describe strong women and show how important Women are to our society and our families.

busty buxom calm
bright brilliant bubbly
blessed brave breathtaking
beautiful beloved bewitching
athletic attentive attractive
appreciative artistic artsy
ambitious angelic appreciated
all-American alluring amazing
adventurous affectionate agreeable
accepting active adorable
dedicated delicate delightful
daring darling dazzling
considerate cuddly dainty
confident creative cute
complex crafty curvy
compassionate courageous curious
committed content cultured
cheerful classy clever
careful caring charming
candid captivating cheeky
provocative romantic remarkable
photogenic pragmatic precious
passionate persistent philanthropic
mischievous motivated mysterious
luscious magnetic mesmerizing
knowledgeable likable lovable
dreamy joyful kind-hearted
down-to-earth dramatic dreaming
devout disciplined doting
dependable determined devoted

Here are some phrases that will help you to describe women in a better way.

  • A strong woman loves inherently, from the time she is a little girl to the day she passes. She is always willing to take care of others. She loves. And never stops loving.
  • A strong woman doesn’t let the cattiness of other women bring her down. She has the utmost respect for herself and what she believes in.
  • A strong woman is someone who isn’t afraid to share her opinions and speak her truth. She listens, but she doesn’t allow other problems to bring her down.


Women are taking charge of their lives in this era. Being a human being irrespective of men or women, it is our duty to support her in her decisions and help her move ahead in life and enhance it. We at EnglishBix, are celebrating this International Women’s Day just to show our respect and love towards women in our society.

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