Why is English Really Hard to Correctly Speak and Write ?

Being a human we love to travel, go around, meet new people and try to learn their language. In search of job, and career we often move from our native cities and get settled to a place that might be unknown to us. But within no time we get attached to the people and even learn the new language.

It might be a bit tough but in the end, we are able to see how people use words and frame a sentence out of it. But what happens when it’s English. A lot of people out there find it really hard to learn and understand the basics of English.

We have noticed it a lot of English language speakers take the language structure and the requirements of the language for granted. We have known that English is a part of the Indo-European Family and the words also get derived from the Ancient Greek and Latin.

It is very common that other languages are spoken in European Countries. Although beginners and English learners find it difficult to learn. One of the surprising facts is that in other non-native countries English is spoken with great fluency and the perfect accent.

Reasons Why People Find English Difficult to Correctly Read, Write and Speak

Due to globalization and the increasing demand for the English language, it becomes important to be able to read, write and speak in English.

Now we would be moving ahead to know why English is becoming so difficult to learn.

1. The Written Communication Is Getting more Formal:

When you are concentrating on the content (which is in English), then you need to understand that you will have to follow the grammar rules and guidelines. It has to be done with utmost care. More than while you are speaking in English. Sometimes, you can say that “Can I borrow your book?” but in written English, we use proper words that fit appropriately with the content. It would sound like “Can you lend me your book?”. While you are drafting content, words are one of the most important things. It is because in the written format there would be a lack of visual context.

Suppose you are working in business if you make mistakes while making a conversation it would lead you into some big trouble. But you can just smile and help to create a good impression. So with writing, you have to do the same with your words.

2. Spoken English Bring Less Reflection As Compared To The Written English

When you are speaking to someone or having a good conversation in English, then you might not be paying a lot of attention to your grammatical errors. It is very spontaneous as compared to written English.

Your small mistakes would not be making any impact on your ability to communicate clearly or convey your message. So it becomes very important how to write to intent your audience to read your content.

It will help you to understand simple things. It would definitely take time but we have already read a good quote “Good things take time”.

3. Lot of Expectations From Formal Written English:

It is a true fact but while writing we need to put in more effort just to convey a message whereas while speaking it is not required. It does not matter whether the written format is entertaining or informative. There is always a lot of pressure to perform well. Sometimes you would be experiencing exception.


We are aiming to curb out these things so that learning and writing English becomes very easy as well as an increasing number of people would be getting an expert in the language. EnglishBix will always be staying updated with the new concepts. So stay tuned!

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