First (1st) Grade Sight Words List

We all were kids in our first grade and always had a rough time learning new words. As you know little Kids love to write poems and short essays. Therefore, they tend to spend a large portion of their time practicing writing and reading. To help them achieve this quickly we need to give them a solid foundation of words which are commonly used in writing.

1st Grade Sight Words List for Kids

There are some words that a every 1st grade kid needs to learn to write better. With EnglishBix, we would be discussing some of these easy to remember high frequency words that will help kids to give a base to their vocabulary.

As you already know that many 1st grade learning programs contains a component that mainly focuses on learning simple high-frequency words. We at EnglishBix are giving you a list of 40+ sight words that a first grade child should read and learn by the time he finishes his school year.


The knowledge of these words is a great starting point for a little first grade student to develop a sight word vocabulary. It is recommended that teachers or parents should include the new words that appear frequently in printed or written material, e.g., the, they, we.

Simple First Grade Sight Words Worksheets

After the knowledge of words given above you need to have some resources for kids to test their understanding of words. The following list of worksheets provide the perfect set of exercise to assist your 1st grade child in developing a sight word vocabulary.

             Had – Write and Underline Sight WordWrite and Underline Sight Word – Again
            Circle the Sight Word – hisCompete Sentences by Filling Sight Word – Me

Follow a sequential order and keep the words as a checklist and gradually add more new sight words to your list.  Begin with one set of sight words and increase gradually.

Make sure you bookmark this guide for your future reference and Stay tuned for more kindergarten sight word worksheets!

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