Gerund vs Gerund Phrase: Difference Guide with Examples

English learning is something that everyone is looking forward to. Some people learn about them and give out tests which would help them to analyze how they have been performing. So while appearing for test you would come across a lot of confusing texts and questions and you would not be able to make the right choice among that.

In such numerous cases, one is to know the difference between a Gerund and a Gerund Phrase. The -ing part of the verb makes it really confusing and people find the clarity lacking. There are various verbs which are having an ending as -ing also gerunds have an ending with the -ing and then you have a gerund phrase behaving in the same way.

If you are dealing with the verb then the -ing part is the progressive part of the verb and it aims to modify the verb. Let’s move ahead to know the facts about what makes gerunds different from gerund phrases.

Difference between Gerunds and Gerund Phrase with Sentence Examples

Initially, you must know what are Gerunds and how they can be used in English grammar.

Gerunds – The -ing form of Verb

Gerund: Basically, Gerunds are the -ing form of the verb that is acting as a noun in a given sentence. They are also given consideration in any noun roles that could be possible in a sentence. A gerund can take multiple forms such as it can act as a subject, a direct object or being an object of a preposition.

For example, you can see the examples given below to see the difference.

  1. Walking can be considered as an unappreciated form of exercise.
  2. You must avoid swimming after having a big meal.
  3. It is a good thing to appreciate the art of pitching and understand each and every aspect of the game – volleyball.

In the above sentence, you could notice three various forms of gerunds. In the first sentence, the word ‘walking’ is the subject of the sentence. Similarly, in the second sentence, the gerund that is used is ‘swimming’ and it is the direct object of the verb which is ‘avoid’. In the third sentence, we can easily notice the gerund ‘pitching’ which is identified as the object of a preposition.

Here, there is one more thing that could help you understand that the gerunds are used inside the prepositional phrase and it is packed inside the other infinitive phrase.

Gerund Phrase – a Combination of Multiple Words

Now, let’s get to know what do we mean by a gerund phrase.

Definition Of A Gerund Phrase:  Generally, a gerund phrase is a combination of all the words that can be combined with multiple words.  You might have noticed that the gerund as followed by the grammatical phrases and it can be followed with the ordinary verb.  Hence it explains the fact that a gerund when followed by the verb, converts into a gerund phrase. Let’s see the examples given below to understand the entire thing.

  • You were listening to Beethoven’s symphony in a row, this is amazing to spend a day.
  • I still wonder as to why more and more people find hiking in the Amazon Forest to a magical experience?
  • You can see a manual on a table that is used to photocopy all the documents when the system goes into a power surge.

The basic difference between a gerund and a gerund phrase is that the gerund phrase always begins with the gerund (the words ending with -ing format) and it will be including all the other modifiers or objects. You can understand it in a better way by reading the examples given below.

Eating fast food on a dry day can be a messy experience.

Blowing a bubble gum on someone’s face can land you into trouble.


We hope you got to understand all the points of this session and make it more beneficial for you.




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