The Ultimate Guide to Speak Clearly with Proper Enunciation

Have you ever come across a person who would not be able to speak clearly? It is very obvious that we won’t be able to understand and know what the person is trying to convey. So speaking clearly is very essential and even more important when you are trying to negotiate with the prospective client and working to crack a deal. Just imagine how would you appear when you are not able to enunciate properly.

Here EnglishBix welcomes you to session in which you would be learning proper enunciation. When you follow our format it will help you to understand the speech problem and present several exercises where you can work on those problems and learn to speak better. The learning method would be designed in a way where you can eliminate and correct the speech problem.

How to Overcome Poor Enunciation and Speak Clearly

Now we would be checking how the poor enunciation and speech problem can be overcome.

For all the listeners and your audience, one of the most irritating things would be the speaker’s speech habit who does not enunciate clearly. The problem occurs when you do not have to bother while pronouncing each and every syllable of words clearly. You can easily help the words to get slurred together, which usually sounds uneducated. The worse thing happens when the listeners are having a hard time hearing to the speaker with all other noise that is surrounding the listener.

Some common instances happen when people drop the pronunciation of ‘g’ in words like going, jogging, walking, thinking, striking, selling.

You would need to understand that the pronunciation of the words in isolation is quite different than we normally use while speaking. Most of the people have the tendency to speak up towards the vocal and not by moving the lips, mouth, and throat to completely pronounce the word. It would be better to speak at a very faster pace and making it less distinct. You would be able to slur the syllables, words and sometimes the whole phrases. Just imagine when you are listening to someone who is talking in a very hasty manner like: “What are you doing?’ or “What are you working on?” and it would become “what’cha doin?”

To understand it in a better way, you would be needing it to check it on your own. So when you are reading these sentences out loud, it will help you to understand.

  • I would have to think once again.
  • You need to keep going while it is getting tough, the tough get going.
  • You would have to wait to hear back and then it is very nerve-wracking and also stressful.
  • While I was starting to work on my business you would have to ask for all the different opportunities.
  • You need to work on the reading as well as writing and then arithmetic.


1. You Must Learn To Articulate The Words

While you are pronouncing a particular word, you need to look at each of the syllables. Initially, you need to take very slowly by making each and every word sound clear and distinct. You can gradually try to increase your speed and also decrease the space between the words. This you need to follow until you learn to speak normally at full speed.

While speaking you need to take care that you are stopping at the words that are consonant like t and b. You must also learn to differentiate between the vowels.


2. You must never expect to learn to speak right away.

To gain clarity you would have to be patient until you learn to speak. You would be needing to practice for several hours every single day.


3. You must also keep practicing in your leisure hours

Suppose you are in the car is waiting for the traffic, at this time also you can keep speaking a few words and sentences.

We hope that this guide will help you get better at speaking properly and make use of the power of correct enunciation. Bookmark it for future reference so that it can serve as a quick correction guide.




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