How to Use Either and Neither with Sentence Examples

Grammar is the soul of English language and if you are not working for your hands on it to make it better then you might end up making small mistakes but it will change the entire meaning of the sentence. Just like others, do you also have difficulties in knowing when and how to use either-or and neither-nor? If yes, then you need not worry as you are in the right place. Be sure that you are not the only one having this difficulty.

This post is for all those who face difficulty in working out the English Grammar. Sometimes, the native speakers also have problems with it and they also get confused. We will be sharing some really good tips and tricks that would make your work easy. At the end of this blog, you would be feeling confident about using making proper or correct use of ‘Either’ – ‘Neither’. It will help you to understand the difference between these words.

4 Different Ways of Using Either and Neither

You will be learning about the appropriate use of ‘Either’ – ‘Neither’ while in adverbs, determiners, pronouns, and conjunctions.

The first pint that you should take note of is – ‘Either’ is always used in the positive connotation and ‘neither’ will be used as a negative significance.

1. Usage Of Words In Terms Of Adverbs 

In this case, you would be able to know how these words will behave like adverbs. You need to check that both the words Either and Neither and how they link words.

  1. We do not like eating brinjal. Neither do I.
  2. They had already informed that they would not have mushrooms for dinner. I just felt that I won’t be having them either.

2. Usage Of Words In Terms Of Determiners

Just like Adverbs, determiners can also be made used and can be positioned before the nouns and easily be used.

  1. You can see that the house has a door at either end of the Haveli.
  2. We have trusted the journalist to finish all the articles but neither they could complete it nor submit it.

3. Usage Of Words In Terms Of Pronouns

In the instances, we have seen that ‘Either and Neither’ can be used like pronouns and we just need to see how differently they behave. In such cases, the words either/neither can be followed by noun phrases. They are capable of acting as they pronouns – ‘either’ where it would mean one or other while ‘Neither’ will indicate ‘Not one or the other’. For example, you can check out some sentences for better understanding.

  1. You will see that both of these roads go towards Ladakh so you can choose either way.
  2. It was exhausting and I don’t feel any of my arms strong enough to lift the baggage anymore.

4. Usage Of Words In Terms Of Conjunctions

If you see the case in which we can finally decide the use of ‘either’ and ‘neither’ just as conjunctions. And in this particular case, you would know how it can be combined with ‘or’ and ‘nor’. You can check out the examples which will make you look no further.

  1. You need to either call at your home or at your office whichever you feel safe.
  2. You can make sure that either mum or dad would be able to drop you at my place.

See how these sentences can be paired with negative terms.

  1. Neither there is a blue umbrella nor a white one in the room.
  2. You will neither get any message nor call before its mid-night.


We hope this blog post has been able to clear all your doubts. But if you think that you have still got some questions you can get back to us through our comment section. With EnglishBix, we always look forward to educating people with the English language. Stay tuned.

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