Intensive Pronouns List with Examples

In English, we have been learning about pronouns and their application in the sentences. In this session, we would be learning about intensive pronouns and how they can be used to make a sentence sound more meaningful. In the latter part, we would be discussing the difference between reflexive pronouns and intensive pronouns.

List of Intensive Pronoun Words

In English grammar, an intensive pronoun is a pronoun that used to add emphasis to the subject of the sentence or antecedent of the sentence. They are similar to the reflexive pronouns but they differ in the basic function. You would be able to find different intensive pronouns right after the noun or pronoun that it is modifying (this is not necessary).

Here are some common intensive pronouns that you can use. This is the list of intensive pronouns which find their application in English grammar. 

  • Himself
  • Herself
  • Yourself
  • Themselves
  • Ourselves
  • Myself
  • Itself
  • Yourselves

Furthermore, an intensive pronouns ends in “self” or “selves” and places emphasis on its antecedent.

You can observe that these intensive pronouns are not at all necessary but they have an specific and important purpose or function to serve. It would be interesting to note that these pronouns are helpful in making your content more meaningful. Most commonly in the formal context, you can use them sparingly which ensures the emphasis of the pronouns is not lost.

Examples of Sentences Using Intensive Pronouns

Basically, the intensive pronouns find their purpose in putting emphasis on the statements. You can notice these intensive pronouns being ‘bold’ in the following examples. With examples, you would get a better understanding of the entire concept.

Let’s check out some sentence examples of intensive pronouns: 

  • John was wondering whether he himself was the only one paying attention in the class. 
  • Meghna was confident enough to know that she herself would create a positive impact on the world by publishing her research papers.
  • You yourself need to transform your body by going to the gym and working out specific exercises within the stipulated time. 
  • The Football team knew that they themselves would be responsible for the success and failure of the country on the international level. 
  • We ourselves are the people who could make the greatest impact on the world that we dwell in. 
  • We are proud that we could build the entire garden by ourselves.
  • Jonathan was hungry and he himself made a club sandwich by using pickles.
  • I felt the nervousness cropping up my neck while I was walking by myself in the dark forest.
  • I keep observing that these twins start growing up very fast. They would soon start walking by themselves.
  • Jane was quite talented and she sewed her evening gown by herself.


So now you understood, what are intensive pronouns and how they can be applied in the sentences. 

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