How to Quickly Learn Phrasal Verbs Without Mixing Them Up

You might have learned about the phrasal verb and phrasal nouns in the previous blogs. These were essential when you want to sound natural in English. Most of the native English speakers make use of the phrasal verbs very often. With the phrasal verbs and nouns, you can give different colors to the language. But the problem with the non-native speakers is that they tend to forget the rules of the phrasal verbs and nouns and this is what makes them difficult to use it while they are communicating with others.

Before moving ahead we will have to check as to what do we mean by the phrasal verbs? First of all, you need to know that you would be able to briefly to outline the phrasal verbs. It is when you come across the seemingly tiny words, these are mostly the prepositions and adverbs or verbs. It has the potential to change the meaning of the sentence. These are called phrasal words.

Quickly Learn by Grouping The Phrasal Words to Avoid Confusion

The phrasal words can be grouped by verbs just like the example you can see below:

  • Going out with  (someone)
  • Going around and doing something
  • You must go for this thing or activity

When you are trying to learn about the phrasal verbs in this way then you might end up forgetting the words that you need to use at the end of the sentence. Sometimes, it might happen that you are mixing up the words. It is common when you are trying to remember the words which can be a phrasal verb to use.

Grouping Phrasal Words by the Particles to Make it Easy to Remember

You can opt for a different way or approach which would be very fruitful to you. So instead of grouping the phrasal words by the verbs, you can easily group them by the particles. Let’s see the example to understand it in a better way.

  • You can easily chip in for working in a good team.
  • Were you about to break in the vault of Gryffindor?
  • You need to hand in all the stuff before you are leaving the office.
  • You must never give in to those losers who are becoming an obstacle in your way.

In this, you would be finding it easy to understand and also remember the phrasal verbs. When you need to use them in your conversation, you won’t mix them up. Moreover, it makes learning about phrasal words quite easy.

Sometimes the particles can be hard to pin down because it is difficult to know what they exactly mean. They also have different meanings in a different context.

When you use the phrasal words or verbs in the particles then you would develop a sense of what do they mean and in what manner the changes would take place by changing the meaning of the verb. This might happen in the back of your mind when you are unable to explain any scenario or the difference. But still, you can give it a good try. The only thing that you need to do is to pick a good preposition such as ‘in’, ‘down’, ‘over’ and see how the meaning changes. Keep learning about 5 to 10 such phrasal verbs and then you will find how easy it is to remember.

You can probably find the list of phrasal verbs on the internet. If not, you can find them in your grammar books as well. But you know that it is not one of the best ways to learn about the phrasal verbs. So you need to focus on the topics.  It would be a great way to start learning about phrasal verbs. Different phrasal verbs like intransitive and transitive words can also be included in the list.








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