Participial Prepositions with Examples

Preposition plays and important in understanding the sentence meaning. It defines the relationship of a noun or pronoun with another word in the sentence. It is to be kept in mind that preposition is always followed by a noun or pronoun and not by a verb. 

What are Participial Prepositions?

Participle preposition is an action word finishing with ‘- ing’, ‘- en’ or ‘- ed’, which likewise goes about as a relational word. Probably the most well-known instances of participle relational words are – given, considering, with respect to, gave and so forth

There are different types of the preposition, and participle preposition is one of those preposition types. It is also known as a participial preposition. If we have to define the participle preposition, it is a participle, which ends with -ing or -ed, and are used as a preposition in the sentence. These are participles which are now accepted as prepositions due to their long term and widespread usage.

Examples of Participle Prepositions:

Following is a list of common participle prepositions in English:

Excluding Provided Regarding Failing 
Including Saving GoneAccepting 
Touching Concerning Excepting Sliding 
Notwithstanding Counting During Broken 
Barring Considering Following Owing 
Pending Given Respecting Assuming 

Sentences with Participial Prepositions

  • His monthly salary is in six figures, excluding the incentives. 
  • All the listeners were in tears after listening to the touching story of a boy. 
  • I have spent around four hours on this project, including lunchtime. 
  • I will deliver you the quality content provided good payment is offered. 
  • She is interested in anything concerning new trends in the fashion industry. 
  • Considering the time invested, this piece turned out beautiful. 
  • The mother said no to talking during the study hours. 
  • The cat kept following me through the garden. 
  • The teacher was asking questions regarding the topic discussed in the previous class. 
  • Chris was playing with his brother when he fell down the broken staircase. 
  • Assuming good economic growth in the future, you can take the risk to start this business. 
  • The court case of Mr. Batra is still pending. 
  • Given the exemplary services of this father, a job was offered to him on compassionate grounds. 
  • You are supposed to use mobile phones during the flight. 

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