Sibilant Sounds with Examples in English

Sibilance is a way of enunciation of fricative and affricate consonants.

What is a Sibilant?

A consonant that utilizes sibilance might be known as a sibilant. There are four sibilants in the English language – s, z, sh, zh (sound of “s” in pleasure). But in some instances, “ch” and “j” are also considered as sibilants. Apart from these, sounds produced by f and v also fall under the category of sibilant sounds.

Sibilants have a naturally extreme sound, which represents their non-semantic use in standing out enough to be noticed. In the alveolar murmuring sibilants and, the rear of the tongue frames a thin channel to center the surge of air all the more seriously, bringing about a high pitch.

With the quieting sibilants, for example, English, and, the tongue is a compliment, and the subsequent pitch lower. Sibilants may likewise be called students, a term which alludes to the perceptual power of the sound of a sibilant consonant, or impediment fricatives/affricates, which alludes to the basic job of the teeth in creating the sound as an obstruction to the airstream.

How Sibilant Sounds are Made

Sibilant sounds are made by coordinating a surge of air with the tongue towards the sharp edge of the teeth, which are held near one another.

The “S” sounds that resemble the hissing are called sibilant sounds. Sibilant words are mostly used in poetry as they give a musical element to the writing. These sounds are louder and have high frequencies at the acoustic energy level.

let’s describe in detail the sibilant sounds. These sounds have the following features:

  • They gave the impression of airstream passage blocked through the mouth.
  • But there is not complete closure of the mouth. 
  • Air moving through the mouth makes audible friction.
  • These sounds are also produced while pronouncing the plural forms.

Examples of  Sibilant Sound Words

Stream  Seven  Society  Spice 
Shy  Settle  Shower  Chimney 
Shade  Street  Sweep  Chandelier 
Sweet  Change  Strange Scent 
Sleep  Supper  Salmon  Shave
Smile  Shear  Grass  Sight 
Chase  Essence  Skimmed  Swirl 
Season  Glass  Serene  Saturday 
Close  Show  Champagne  Flower 
Conspiring  Shadow  Fever  Flour 
Sun  Chair  Sure  Dense 
Swell  Charge  Dishes  Sour 
Still  Floor  Hiss  Increase 
Shell  Famous  Push  Tense 
Bees  Forest  Hitch  Pitch 
Summer  Sore  Bush  Trash 
Cells  Soar  Decrease  Surprise 
Pleasure  Watches  Advise  Mesh 
Treasure  Ditch  Fish  Address 
Soon  Skin  Rash  Dessert 
Survey  Tarnish  Fact  Compress 
Supply  Wash  Scent  Compass 
Furnish  Press  Desert  Futile 
Varnish  Cause  Impress  Stress 
Banish  Crash  Brass  Falcon 

Sentences Using Sibilant Words:

  • As the stream flows through a garden nearby.    
  • I have collected precious shells at the beach. 
  • She has cleaned all the dishes. 
  • There is a slight decrease in production as compared to last year. 
  • The scent of this perfume is soothing. 
  • Area under the forests has drastically reduced in the past years. 
  • The wood of my almirah swelled due to moisture. 

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