How Sight Words help Kids Build a Better Vocabulary

Being a parent we become so crazy that before our child learns to speak or read, we need them to become all-rounder suddenly. Yes, we know that this sounds very overwhelming. But to handle the children we must start with the basic words and also let them know what they mean.

There are some really easy ways which would bring out various easy ways which will help you in building vocabulary for your kids. In simple words, you would be able to provide a whole lot of them very normally and it would be done throughout the course.

Sight Words Builds the Foundation of Vocabulary for Kids

Parents can be the greatest help in making their kids understand about language skills and even learn about speech delays. Parents can do a lot to help their kids overcome all the challenges and then prepare the child for kindergarten.

With this blog, you would be learning some easy as well as fun vocabulary-building activities for Sight words. Check out some fry sight word resources at EnglishBix.

1.  You can visit the library – Online or Offline

You do not have to look for a great place to start working. To improve your kid’s early reading skills you can start by using sight words. These words are short and easy to comprehend. Moreover, such words would be a great help in improving the reading skills at a very young age.

Try to get some books for your kids which have sight words from the library. So now you know that these books would be available in the children’s library. Kids would be having fun by engaging in various events and along with other activities. With these books, you would be exposing kids to new words and then provide them various opportunities to socialize.

You can make use of Library at EnglishBix and find some free or paid resources to help your kid learn new words.

2. Working With Substitute Synonyms:

This would be an easy way to introduce your kids with new words and then use them with yourself. It would be better for your child to be the best role model. There is a simple method which you can help your kids to learn in a better way is to go through thesaurus and substitute. Synonyms can be helpful in understanding the structure of various words. They would typically mean the same thing and would be more descriptive than the original word.

Find free synonyms worksheets for your kids and make them understand similar meaning words.


3. You Must Teach and Reinforce The Alphabet

If you are trying to sing a song of ABCD to your kids and expecting them to learn it, then this would be the best to learn all the alphabet along with reinforcement. Your kids would be gaining confidence in that. A bonus point that you can adopt for your kids is that when they are having a long ride in a car or sitting in a waiting room at that time you can try to make them learn the sight words. These would be small and easy to understand. Moreover, your little ones would be enjoying to learn those sight words which would be helping online and then focus on the building alphabet skills.


4. You Can Help Your Kids To Use Descriptive Words

You might have observed that when it comes to enhancing your kid’s vocabulary, you might come across something better. When your kids are listening to the sight words on a daily basis they will absorb those sight words and gradually put all of that to your use. You can also use the descriptive words in your conversation while talking to your kids. It is a very unusual and creative way. You will have to use the sight words in the proper context which will make them more comprehensible.


5. You Need To Read All The Words Aloud

When you help your kids to read aloud then you are helping them to learn the right pronunciation of the sight words. It is also one of the wonderful ways to spend some quality time with your kids.

You can find sight word worksheets for different grades devised on the basis of level of child.

We hope that these activities and resources will help your kids enjoy learning new words and building the basic vocabulary for their coming future.










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