Adjective Words to Describe Athletes and Sports Person

An athlete is a person who is trained to compete in sporting events, as professional or recreational activities, and further is trained as a sprinter, running in local races, or winning awards at the Olympics.

The name athlete comes from the Greek word athletes, meaning “contestant in the game.” Anyone who competes in any sport can be called an athlete, but the name is usually reserved for people with a high degree of dedication, skill, stamina, and body fitness.

As sports fans, we might use a variety of phrases to describe athletes or sportspeople. There are many different ways to describe athletes/sportspeople can be based on anything intriguing or distinctive to you, such as physical attributes and personality traits.

There are a few adjectives that jump to mind when we think about athletics. Someone who excels in athletics may be described as strong, skilled, forceful, or enthusiastic, to name a few words.

But what about other adjectives that may characterize athletes? What about terms like committed, disciplined, and diligent? All of these traits are necessary for success in any sport. 

Words to Describe Athletes

Following is a list of 100+ best adjectives to describe a good athlete/sportsperson, as well as how to utilize them in any sports debate.

good Sturdy
bad regular
trained sturdy
professional puny
finest proud
Steady proper
young professed
successful noted
greek practiced
true natural
round notable
powerful muscular
old Sporty
mighty legged


strapping stalwart
intellectual clean
strong sportsperson
holy blooded
hitting boasting
healthy beautiful
brave agile
soccer ancient
games team-player
hockey consummate
basketball Sculpted
exceptional Sinewy
fainting Skilled
discomfited Skillful
expert Slim
distinguished Spirited
Supple successful
talented tenacious
tempered toned


tough quick
recovering relaxed
resilient robust
rugged Pro
passionate physical
performer player
persistent pliable
pliant potent
popular powerful
professional promising
proud natural
nervous Olympic
nimble optimistic
Fit outstanding
idol incredible
improving influential
inspirational intimidating

Summing Up!

Finally, how we characterize an athlete reveals a great deal about our own ideals. For example, describing an athlete as “committed” implies that we admire devotion and hard effort. We also look at the negative words that might be used to criticize an athlete (‘lazy,”selfish,’ and so on), which can reveal a lot about our own beliefs.

When describing athletes, we should always use positive terms that convey their character and work ethic. After all, these are the characteristics that will aid them in their success both on and off the field.

There are several adjectives to say athletes that you admire. Because the difficult part has been done for you, all you have to do now is explore the list for the perfect phrases and utilize them anytime you have your next sports chat with other fans or the opposing fanbase!

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