Adjective Words to Describe Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are prehistoric reptiles that have inhabited the earth from 228 million years ago to the present. Modern birds are a single species of the dinosaur because they share a common ancestor with non-bird dinosaurs. Non-bird dinosaurs (all dinosaurs except birds), which are extinct, vary widely in shape and size. Some weighed 80 tons and stood more than 600 feet [120 m] long. Some were the size of a chicken and weighed 20 pounds [8 kg]. 

All non-bird dinosaurs lived on earth. Some may have sought food in the swamps and lakes, but they did not stay in the water.  Meat-eaters walked on two legs and hunted alone or in groups. 

Plant eaters walk on two or four legs and eat vegetables. A feature that separates dinosaurs from other reptiles is a hole in the hip socket. This feature allowed the dinosaurs to move straight. Pterosaurs, or flying reptiles, and plesiosaurs, sea reptiles, did not have this feature and were not dinosaurs.

Words to Describe Dinosaurs

Following is a list of adjective words for describing every dinosaur that has existed, from raptors to tyrannosaurs and sauropods to ornithopods.

carnivorous horned
Colossal herbivorous
Large real
Small live
Vicious feathered
bones green
Strong oldest
fossils parochial
eggs Ferocious
renaissance energetics
remains nests
extinctions babies
skeletons fragments
community species
teeth killer
hunters footprint
big embryos
giant stampede


huge dinosaurs
largest feet
flying heavy bird
primitive theropod
prehistoric animatronic
Aggressive cretaceous
stuffed aviation
dead heavier
ancient ceratopsian
headed real robotic
famous toughest
hipped avian
winged bizarre
ostrich ornithopod
Feathery hadrosaurian
mighty hungry
crested iquanodontian
intelligent lifelike
lumbering natured
looking necked
monstrous reptile
predatory tough nails
massive big mouth
terrible lizard shrieking voice

Summing Up!

Dinosaurs are a very broad topic that offers several learning possibilities for children of all ages, whether they are early toddlers or school-aged youngsters. It’s also a fun and interesting approach to get kids, even preschoolers, interested in science! In this post, we compiled a long list of dinosaur-related adjectives that you may teach your children and use in your regular activities to enhance their interests.

Dinosaurs once dominated the Earth, and we’re still learning about them. You’ve probably heard of T. Rex and Triceratops, but have you heard of duck-billed Edmontosaurus or peacock-like Nomingia?

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