Adjective Words To Describe Competition

There are several ideas concerning the importance of competition in sports. Some scholars argue that sports should be viewed as a non-zero-sum game in which all participants profit. Other experts argue that competition should be considered a way of honing skills and motivating players.

Regardless of viewpoint, both ideas are correct since competition fosters the development of individual potential and provides an arena for the refinement of skills. It is crucial to remember, however, that sports are not only competitive; they also need a collaborative effort among participants.

As an sports fan, you may use various words for describing sports based on whatever you find intriguing or unusual, such as physical attributes or personality traits. Similarly, adjectives can be used to describe players that work well with their teammates and are at the top of their game, or who are involved in a fight or rivalry in any tournament.

Words to Describe Competition

Following is a list of 100+ best adjectives to describe a competition, rivalry, or fight to use in any sports debate or writing.

active joyous
affective jumping
determined keen
spirited literary
class little
close opposing
commercial manly
direct mathematical
domestic medical
economic mere selfish
equal modern
fair monopolistic
fierce municipal
foreign mutual
free natural


general hawkish
german noble
great prize occasional
desirous open
increasing outside
industrial peaceful
internal perfect
international personal
interstate pinching
intolerable poetical
political ruthless
popular special
potential spirited
powerful strange
present strenuous
pretty successful


private systematic
professional tempt
provincial tough
rivalrous tremendous
real trimming
reckless unchecked
refined uncommercial
relentless undercutting
resultant unfair
returning militant
ruinous unnecessary
secret unrestricted
seeking unsuccessful
selfish unwise
sharp usual
shooting vindictive
similar violent
skating zealous
social ambitious
aggressive cutthroat
zealous competing
antagonistic motivated

Summing Up!

Sports, in addition to competitions and tournaments, give opportunities for individuals to develop and learn. Some sports demand a high degree of education to participate, although these requirements are not required. To excel in the activity, you must have strength, interest, and drive. It’s a terrific way to stand out and be recognized amongst your buddies. You will be shocked at what you can do when you participate in athletics. It’s unlike anything else!

Sports not only keep you physically busy, but they also teach you important life skills. As a student-athlete, you must study the adjectives used to characterize sports and focus on collaboration.

The adjectives of competitors are mentioned above in this post. Each of the words listed below is frequently seen in front of the noun competitors in the same phrase. This reference page might help you find out what adjectives are typically used to describe competitors.